Today is the warmup for the Northeast Regional Field Target Championship hosted by Crosman before the 2-day shooting match gets underway.  Field target competitors from across the country will descend upon the Crosman campus to enjoy the comraderie of the sport, admire and compare rifles and pistols and be a part of what has quickly become one of the largest and most talked about field target competitions in the United States.

“This is only our second year and already we have folks making it a part of their summer vacation to come up to western New York,” said Mark DeBoard, Shooting Services Manager for Crosman.  As part of the Day One festivities, the Crosman factory will open its doors from 2-4 p.m. today for tours and staff will be available on the sight-in range throughout the day to answer questions and talk airguns.  From 12-2 p.m., a variety of products from Crosman and Benjamin will be available to demo, including the Marauder, Marauder Pistol, Nitro Piston break barrels and the all-new Rogue .357.

Wrapping up the day will be the Quigley Bucket Challenge. Competitors will be allowed five shots at a 1.75″ “bucket” set at 55 yards, using rifles outfitted with only iron sights and limited to 6.5ft lbs.  The concept is based on a scene from the Tom Selleck film “Quigley Down Under.”  “Selleck’s character, Matthew Quigley, must prove his shooting ability. A rider takes off carrying a bucket, eventually setting it down at what has been estimated to be 550 yards. The Quigley Bucket Challenge is that shot on an airgun scale – 1.75″ at 55 yards,” said DeBoard.  An added wrinkle:  should the winner compete with the Crosman Challenger provided by the company, they will take home a Challenger with a Paul Bishop-custom stock.

Saturday morning things will get serious as nearly 70 competitors take to the course for Round 1.  Alongside the match participants will be a number of “single day” shooters;  enthusiasts who wish to participate but are unable to dedicate two full days.  While their scores will not qualify for prizes, their presence is welcome.  Likewise, the event is open to amateurs and professionals alike.  “Field target is growing in popularity and an opportunity to shoot alongside professionals like Ray Apelles and Harold Rushton is great for everyone.  Only Crosman has stepped up to create an event like this that is so attractive to national competitors yet so open to every skill level,” added DeBoard.

Saturday afternoon will feature the largest AAFTA-sanctioned Pistol Match in a decade.

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