A recent poll administered by Harris Interactive on behalf of the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) revealed airgunning as a fantastic alternative for shooters looking to get more out of the sport.

Demand for ammunition in the past few years has led to higher prices and according to the poll, 50% of respondents deemed “cost of ammunition” as the primary reason they do not target shoot more often.  Additionally, 55% stated they would like to “go plinking” if invited to shoot by a family member or friend.

Pellets run about half the cost of  rimfire ammunition, BB’s even less, making airguns a great way to maintain your shooting skills as well as bring family and neighbors into the sport.  Today’s airgun technology has something for everyone, from the iconic Pumpmaster 760 to the C02-powered 3576 Revolver, revolutionary Nitro Piston Break Barrel rifles and the most talked-about PCP available, the Marauder in .177, .22, and now .25 caliber.

When the gun costs less than a case of rimfire ammunition, and has the capabilities of a Crosman, the only decision remaining is….which one?

Full results of the NSSF/Harris poll available here.