Field target competitor Greg Shirhall finished fourth in Hunter PCP at the Northeast Regional Field Target Championship in July. His scope caught our eye; the adjustable objective optic has the ranges printed on the bell and in order to read them he would have to move from his shooting position, read the range, then regain his position. So he hacked the optic.

“The wheel on the end just transfers the numbers from the bell up so I can read them without having to tip the gun and looking at them that way,” said Shirhall when we asked about it after the match. “A wood ring around the objective, a piece of cutting board material and a cad program and all is well. The size of the mumbers are much better since the eyes are getting old!”

And in case you notice, Greg also hacked his Primos Trigger Stick bipod.  He replaced the stock “V” with a custom shape that provides a more secure rest for his rifle.

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