Barry was born to a Texas pioneer ranching family and spent his entire lifetime in the outdoors hunting, shooting, fishing, riding horses and dealing with the everyday issues of ranching.

An accomplished hunter, Barry has dedicated years to hunting trophy whitetail, mulies, and predators. Living in a predator rich environment on the Texas/New Mexico border affords Barry lots of opportunities to hunt predators, which he considers the biggest challenge with any animal he has hunted, largely because predators are wary & cunning, and are themselves hunters. Barry’s success as a predator hunter stems from his knowledge of coyote behavior, and understanding what “nature is telling him” when out in the field. Numerous TV Shows continue to film with Barry in the desert terrain that he calls home.

Having hunted predators for over 30 years gives Barry the basis for freelance writing about hunting the predators.

Barry continues to be involved with youth outdoor education programs, and loves to participate in the education of today’s youth in the outdoors. He feels that the education and enlightenment of our youth is the very backbone and future of sports like hunting and shooting, as well as fishing and camping. Barry participates annually in youth education events by teaching the young people about predators and why and how predators do what they do in the wilds of North America.

With the increased costs of hunting big game, as well as the limited number of tags that hunters can draw from, Barry promotes hunting predators as way to effectively enjoy hunting and at the same time help the agriculture industry by ridding farmers and ranchers of predators that cause millions of dollars of damage due to depredation of livestock, and the inherent costs of having to control predators.  Also, with the increase in laws governing firearms and ammunition, as well as the limited supply of ammunition, Barry sees hunting with airguns as a very popular way of cutting costs related to shooting, and getting rid of the red tape associated with firearms and ammo sales. The public can shoot and even hunt much more often when using an airgun, and any opportunity to hunt or engage in competitive shooting or just plinking, or teaching a kid to shoot, and the rules of hunter safety as well as firearm safety should be explored. With innovative new products that deliver the power needed to take small game and predators, Barry feels that the door is just now opening to anyone wanting to enter into the world of airguns.

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