Les "Bear" Chase

Les “Bear” Chase of Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire has been a long time outdoor sportsman enjoying hunting and fishing his entire life. He has taken quality game using archery, crossbow, muzzle loader, pistol, and rifle. As a sports performance specialist, and always testing his personal limits, he never anticipated the opportunity to be on the forward edge of hunting with a rapidly developing class of weapon, the Compressed Air Rifle.

Since being introduced to the Benjamin Rogue .357 compressed air rifle, Les has taken some impressive animals. These include:  Scimitar Horned Oryx, Catalina Goat, Blackbuck, Mouflon Ram, Zebu, and a 400 Class Elk. Les became the first recipient of the Trophy Game Records of the World, Compressed Air Gun Hunter of the Year in 2014 and won the award again in 2015. Using the Benjamin Bulldog .357 air rifle, he has taken Corsican, Black Hawaiian, and Merino Rams, Axis Deer, and Boar.  Recently Les was featured for his taking of two boar (the largest weighing 421 pounds) using the new Benjamin Bulldog .357.

While being mindful of the effectiveness of this new class of weapon and the rapid technological advances, Les plans to expand his hunting opportunities to include animals that many may consider virtually impossible using this rifle.  “Who would have thought that the youngster target shooting an air rifle in the backyard, now can hunt such animals, with the power of the modern air rifle.”