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Rick’s love for airguns started when he was eight years old and received his first air gun: a chrome-plated Crosman 2200. Says Rick, “I liked it so much I bought three more: the Model 1 and two blued ones.”

Before he turned 16, Rick owned 27 different Crosman airguns and today he has over 50 in his collection. Rick has been a proponent of airguns for years and incorporates them into his professional life as a Project Manager for United Disabilities Services to provide an improved quality of life to those he helps. His wife and three boys love to shoot airguns, as do many in his family.

Rick’s hobbies include hunting, coaching football, martial arts and most recently, field target competition. Rick has talked airguns with the Shooting Services team in the Crosman booth at both the Great American Outdoor Show and NRA National Meeting & Exhibits. Be sure to watch his web series, “Crosman’s Ultimate Shots“, featuring trick shooting with Crosman and Benjamin airguns.