The final day of the 2014 Northeast Regional Field Target Championship held recently here on the Crosman campus had a lot of folks scrambling for cover as heavy rains barraged the course. But as one experienced shooter commented, “The British shoot in this stuff all the time – we can’t quit!” Some of the finest field target competitors come out of the UK and so it was, 2/3 of the NRFTC tucked their chins and continued on in the driving rain.

Here’s a tip to take care of your rifle if and when it gets wet (this is specific to the Benjamin Marauder, the most popular rifle at the 2014 NRFTC:

1.       Unload gun (See Owner manual)

2.       Dry fire in a safe direction.

3.       Remove action from stock and unscrew and remove the shroud and Fill Nipple cover.

4.       Wipe dry with clean cloth and use a blow dryer to finish it off.  Pay attention to the trigger and breech area.

5.       Use some light gun oil (we recommend Crosman RMCOil) to wipe down the bluing on the steel pressure tube, (WARNING – do not get any oil on the Fill Nipple!)

6.       Dry fire again a number of times.

7.       Let dry over night before reassembling the gun to stock and putting away in a case.