Following their recent trip to Texas for predators, prostaffers Ed Schultz and Chip Hunnicutt traveled to Pennsylvania in pursuit of wild hogs.  “Hogs have a well-earned reputation for wrecking farmlands, gamelands and being a general nuisance,” said Hunnicutt.  “While some folks are trying to convince you that small caliber airguns are okay to take hogs, we believe the .357 is the ethically correct caliber to take to the field for game up to 250 pounds.”

To put the Rogue to the test, the pair visited a high-fence hunting preserve for a controlled hog hunt.  Ed was on the gun with a 6-round magazine filled with 145-grain Benjamin by Nosler Ballistic Tip rounds and Chip was behind the camera.

“The first shot was a little back due to the boar not coming to a complete stop,” said Schultz.  “He was done but we didn’t want to track him so the second shot put him down for good.”

What’s next for the Benjamin Rogue?  Product Manager Terry Neumaster heads to east Texas for coyotes and beavers and Hunnicutt returns to Texas to hunt predators with Barry Stewart.

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8 Responses

  1. Lloyd Sikes

    Nice trophy animal their, so that puts you way ahead on the poundage. Congrats.
    Glad you got it on video, too.

  2. Mr Hollow Point

    Very nice job, I agree the gun is perfect for hogs and other animals of the same size and tenacity. I can not wait to add a Rogue to my gun safe and hunting arsenal.
    robert vogel

  3. Joe Korman

    Great gun, very quiet, powerful and accurate. I’ll have to get one. Love the poly tip.

  4. Gordon D. Bittner

    I live in Alaska and want to see what it will do on some of our game ie; caribou, deer and others.

    I have two M-Rods, 22 and 25. If the Rogue is half the gun of thay are, I’ll be a happy hunters.

    THANKS, Gordon D. Bittner