Easter field target range...

It is time again for our semi-regular blog series on Seasonal Shooting.

This time of year, flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, and your kiddies are hopped up on sugar from their Easter candy. Those sugary sweet Easter candies can do so much more than buy your dentist a new boat – they can provide many fun and really interesting targets for the whole family to shoot. Now you don’t need an excuse to “Take it outside”!

Bunny targets...

Just think how fun it would be for the whole family to use them as targets in a new “Springtime Field Target Match Game” you create together for just such an occasion. The “Springtime” game uses your brightly colored marshmallow critters and cute chocolate bunnies as replacements to the typical steel targets.

Field Target competitions are meant to simulate real hunting, and the “Springtime” game can easily transform your back yard into your own field target stage.

Strategically place all your (former diabetes inducing) treats in your back yard, under bushes, lurking around trees, and sneaking around lawn furniture. Each confection is worth different points (or rewards), and can be spread out at different distances to make easier shots for the novices in the family, and more difficult placements for the experts.

Choclate bunny...

You get to choose between using a point system, or rewards. For example:

The point system works like this:

  • 20 points for each squished marshmallow critter
  • 50 points for the chocolate bunnies
  • 100 points for the little chocolate eggs propped up on your extra golf tees that you dig out of the bottom of your dusty bag.
  • The most points at the end of the match wins!

    Smaller candies make for harder targets...

    The reward system works like this:

  • For every marshmallow critter you get, you’re entitled to one free chore from the family member of your choice. That could be a car wash, walking the dog, raking the yard….. washing dishes for Mom….cleaning sissies room…..
  • If you’re a good enough shooter to get the chocolate bunnies (which will be put farther away), you get to choose when the family goes out for ice-cream, and you get the biggest, drippiest cone!
  • The best reward goes for the most difficult targets, those little candies on top of golf tees…. In order to knock those sweets off, you’ll need to be “on your game”. Winners of that round get the granddaddy of all rewards!…. Poll the family on what their hearts desire (you might learn some really interesting things about your family members with this one…..)
  • Be creative and get the kiddos involved in deciding your point/reward system. Either way, it’s a fun way to get outside and enjoy the spring weather with your family and friends, while burning off those few extra pounds you put on whiling away all winter long dreaming of getting back out there…..

    the aftermath

    Oh, and if your “Springtime Field Target Match Game” competition involves the whole family, or even the whole neighborhood, take some photos and pass them along to us!

    Thanks for reading.