Each season offers unique opportunities for shooting with friends an family. There are targets that present themselves with the seasons. It is with this in mind that we kick off our new semi regular feature on Croswords with pumpkins.

Pumpkins come with the cool crisp air, falling leaves and warm colors of Fall. They are a favorite of families for carving and decorating, but what about as airgun targets? Pumpkins will absorb the impact of a pellet and provide a bright clear surface to sight against.

Just get yourself a sharpy or another permanent marker and draw some targets on the surface. Be sure the targets are against a safe background and get shooting. You can create simple traditional targets, or flex your artistic muscles and draw your favorite varmints and small game.

Be creative and get the family involved. Draw a jack o lantern face, monsters or any other ghoulish creations you can think of for Halloween. Shaking up the targets used can make shooting exciting and is a
great way to involve the whole family.