No powder at the Rendezvous, but Crosman will be there with air! Photo from Flickr, ©Rendezvouser

If you’ve ever read Undaunted Courage and dreamed about times long before Twitter, Twilight or the Model T, then the Northeastern Primitive Rendezvous may be right up your alley.

Taking place July 10-17 in upstate New York, hundreds of folks will swap their seersucker for buckskin and take to the hill country to relive life as it may have been prior to 1840.  They’ll live in canvas wall tents, don clothing from head to foot along with period accessories. There will be horses and activities for all, even a Trade Fair.

The scene would not be complete without an airgun and Crosman will be there with a fully-outfitted shooting range.  Meriwether Lewis made airguns famous with the Corps of Discovery and Crosman is proud to bring this great activity to the kids (big kids too!) taking part in the Northeastern Primitive Rendezvous.

The event will be in Middlesex, NY and you can click here to learn more. The Northeastern Primitive Rendezvous is a function of the National Rendezvous and Living History Foundation.