Every season is bow season in Crosman Country! Get your youngster started with one of our Sentinel youth bows and take it outside!

Here’s the description from the video above:

Seven year old warming-up with the Crosman Sentinel longbow and Easton Scout arrows. Note the string kisser and bowsight have been abandoned in favor of a more instinctive aiming style. He has shot about 150 arrows to date, he is just starting the sport. He is getting ready for Cub Scouts summer camp and the archery range. The bow is marketed by Crosman as a longbow but it is a takedown recurve. It’s well made and an excellent youth bow for the little money it cost.

Looking for an adult bow so you can shoot too? Check out CenterPoint’s line of crossbows.

3 Responses

  1. Grateful Parent

    Thanks to all at Crosman Corporation for making useful tools to help us grow motivated and responsible children.

    What parent isn’t concerned about their child’s learning and development? As a parent finding meaningful ways to show my child key life skills means a lot. Demonstrating the meaning of concepts like responsibility, discipline and self control to a child takes some doing.

    I have discovered a huge benefit with my child after introducing him to archery with the Sentinel youth bow. It easily delivers off the chart and off the couch excitement for my seven year old son. I am doing my best to teach him proper shooting techniques, range rules and safety procedures. At the same time his enthusiasm for shooting helps him focus on other basic daily tasks like; homework, bushing his teeth, picking up his cloths, you get the idea. He wants to shoot everyday and he can as long as the basics get done first. It takes a good deal of concentration to shoot well and for those fifteen or twenty minute shooting sessions he is all business. My wife and I are also looking to introduce him to other lifetime disciples like playing a musical instrument, but for now anything that shoots is what’s keeping him motivated.

    If you have children and you are looking for a meaningful way to get your Childs attention while you demonstrate some good life skills. Consider the Crosman Sentinel and archery as a first step into the shooting sports. The Sentinel youth bow is versatile, well designed and fun to shoot.