Kristy Titus recently tweeted the photo above visited Redmond (Oregon) High School to do some shooting with the JROTC team. “All they use are Crosman Challenger rifles. Six of the ten rifles were obtained through a grant from the National Rifle Association”, she said.

The JROTC program announced in January they had been awarded a $10,000 endowment from the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. The money will be used to support the rifle team. The team’s top shooter is a girl, explains Kristy, “Katlyn Belcher has set  several school records and the second top shooter is a girl named Tayler Pierce who was also voted Team Captain by her team peers. With the teams top two shooters being female, the team motto is “Shoot Like A Girl.”

Kristy became involved with the team indirectly, “my best friend started handgun training course for women called LOL Group Therapy (Ladies of Lead). The Redmond JROTC coach, Lt. Col. Robert Wendel is our instructor for the NRA basic pistol certificate. I volunteered to come shoot with the kids prior to finding out about the RMEF endowment. After learning of the endowment and the fact that they shoot Crosman, it was a no brainer, I needed to get involved with the team. I am going to be shooting with the team again sometime in April.”

As well as being part of the Crosman / Benjamin prostaff, Kristy is a member of RMEF and Team Elk. Kristy has enjoyed learning about competitive shooting and working with the team, “I love being a part and serving as a mentor for youth hunters and shooters, helping to inspire a thriving, dedicated community of new outdoorsmen and women that are well equipped with shooting fundamentals and ethics. The Redmond HS Marksmanship team welcomed me as a part of their team for the day. It was fun having the students give me tips on how to accurately shoot three position air rifle. The fundamentals were completely different that what I am used with high powered rifles and it was a blast having the students teach me.”

As a Brand Ambassador for some of the most recognized companies in the outdoor industry including Cabela’s, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Realtree, Swarovski Optik and Under Armor, Kristy happily provides guidance to youth through shooting and hunting. She visits with them about how she got started as a professional hunter “right here in Central Oregon in party by volunteering my time organizing educational events.”

“Setting up a foundation of goal setting, the power of positive visualization and mental positivity. It was ironic after I spoke to the
(JROTC) class about my job, one of the coaches informed me that they have been reinforcing some of the same concepts that I spoke about into the class curriculum. I hope that the things I said to them really hit home. Most of the kids on the team are not in other sports and would otherwise not have a sport that would potentially earn them a letter for their letterman jackets. The team is offering kids a chance to be successful where they may not be in traditional sports. I have found that a well placed compliment and doing kind things for kids that may or may not be not used to receiving, can last a lifetime and influence them forever. I want to be the person giving those compliments and encouraging those kids.”

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