SHOT Show 2010 Collage

Well the first day of SHOT Show is officially over. Crosman had really good attendance with not only our high traffic area helping, but the actual design of the booth as well. The booth structure is extremely inviting with open sides and stand-alone kiosks. It towers nearly to the ceiling (probably 30 feet tall) with six banners arching to the kiosks where three products are uniquely displayed. It really looks professional and is easy to spot from across the convention hall. I got to walk around a little bit during the day and I don’t know if I saw a more unique booth designed to get people in to view new products.

This year we brought the Crosman Nitro Piston Technology to the show. The technology was introduced a few months ago, but we’re really expanding the lineup this year. Just incase people didn’t know about the technology we handed out the ever-so-popular Nitro Piston blinking badges to draw them in to have the technology further explained.

You can take a look at the complete line of the Remington® NPSS break barrel air rifles and a whole Benjamin Trail NP™ Series of magnum break barrels featuring Nitro Piston Technology on the site. For a full listing, visit the Benjamin section of the site and the Remington section.

Stay tuned for tomorrow when we’ll go over some of the new Benjamin PCP Marauder products!