One of the most exciting debuts at the Shot Show this year was the Benjamin Discovery PCP gun. This gun has generated a high level of excitement and even higher expectations. The show provided an opportunity some airgun fans and retailers to get their paws on the gun for the first time. To see how it was received at the show, lets talk to Roy Stefanko, national sales manager for Crosman…


1) How was the reception of the PCP gun at the show?
[Roy]  Quite frankly, even better than expected and our expectations were high going into the show. I saw badges in the booth that I recognized, but only as “drive-bys” at past shows. This time, they were “Crosman Campers” and spent hours in the booth. I had more than one 3rd party say that it was the talk of the show and no booth was busier than ours. 

2) What were some of the unique challenges of bringing this air gun to the market place?
[Roy]  I’ll let Ed speak to this, but I would say price was perceived to be a challenge. After the show, I’d say that that fear is unfounded. There is also the concern that the use and operation might be a bit complex for some consumers; however, with the media support and the outstanding tutorials available on our website, I believe that we’ve met that challenge head on. 

3) What makes now the right time to launch this product?
[Roy]  There’s no doubt that varmint hunting is alive and well and with all of the
limitations on firearms, we have a distinct advantage. I also believe that the ammo price increases make recreational shooting with the Discovery &/or other pellet rifles far more appealing than ever. 

4) We have said that this is the launch of a new product category, not just a stand-alone product. Tell us about the potential you see for PCP guns and share if you can some of the things shooters may be seeing from Crosman in the future?
[Roy]  All hyperbole aside, there is no limit to what the Discovery PCP is capable of achieving in the marketplace. And if the USA version is any indication, the European SKU’s will be every bit the homerun that we’ve seen here.

I know that other PCP guns are on the drawing board and will be launched within the next few years. With the power plant perfected, we can go a lot of directions including, exotic stocks and other Custom Shop favorites, sound-suppressed versions, semi-auto’s, larger calibers, multi-shot, etc.

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  1. Tom Chandler/Trout Underground

    Just to cast my vote, I’d love to see a Discovery powerplant in a Challenger 2000 stock and a target barrel.

    At that point, you’d have produced the soon-to-be-a-sales-legend sporter/affordable target rifle that would appeal to youth programs and adult shooters alike — especially if you get a 60+10 match out of one fill.