Game Face Airsoft shooting range

One of the cool features of our brand new booth was the Game Face Airsoft shooting range. That’s right, we actually offered booth visitors a chance to shoot the Game Face Airsoft GF15A4 and check out our Verdict Marker BBs in action.

The Verdict judge, in full courtroom attire, stood in the enclosed shooting range where people fired away and marked him with our new white Verdict Marker Airsoft BBs. While some people shot only a few rounds, others turned the GF15A4 to full auto and blew through the entire magazine. The collection of BBs was quite substantial as you can see where by the end of the show, the floor would have been completely white if we didn’t clear them out at the end of each day.

Game Face Airsoft shooting range floor with BBs

We may have to appoint a new judge next year as this guy took several thousand shots to the face, hands and gavel from about ten feet away. Although the judge wasn’t sneering as much by the end of the show, nearly every person who took a shot at him walked away with a little grin on their face!