For those of you not familiar with our place in the world, Crosman is located in East Bloomfield, in the western part of New York State. This time of year we see two things happen with out fail. Shot Show, the biggest convention in the world for the shooting, hunting and the outdoors is an extravaganza of guns, knives and gear that you never knew you needed. The other thing we see this time of year is snow, ice, sleet and freezing rain. Unfortunately for me both of these events happened simultaneously.




Any of you who were in the northeast last Friday (Feb 1st) know what I am talking about. It was a long and epic journey to the
Show that involved stays in seedy hotels and a lot of time in airports. My
exasperation was even seen on TV.




But in the end I made it to the Show and it was a great
experience. Over the next several days I will be talking about the Show itself
and the exciting things Crosman has in the works for 2008.  I will also be talking with our product
development team to get their take on the show and some thoughts on the new
products we have coming this year. So look for continued Shot Show coverage and
follow up over the next several days here at Croswords…