Lucas Morgan looks like most any 11-year old, except for the neck full of medals won with a 2300KT designed in the Crosman Custom Shop. He recently added the Nebraska State Progressive Pistol Championship by scoring a 393 of a possible 400, a new state record.  He followed that with the Nebraska 4-H State Championship, Sporter Class title where he also outshot all but one in the next age group of precision shooters. Lucas outperformed shooters using some of the most recognized names in competitive shooting: Steyr, Biakal, Pardini, Moroni, Feinwerkau.

His father, Dave, is the pistol coach for the Lincoln (Nebraska) Shooting Stars and contacted Crosman ahead of the Nebraska State Championship. Dave was considering an alternate front sight for the 2300 that is in use on another Crosman competition pistol and eventually visited with Mark DeBoard, Shooting Services Manager and Crosman Prostaff.

“Here’s a kid who built a gun from the ground up right in our Custom Shop for around $300 and is out there scoring better and taking home medals against shooters using pistols costing thousands of dollars,” said DeBoard.

Lucas designed his 2300KT with the Lothar Walther barrel and Williams rear sight. Open 24/7, the Custom Shop has a huge variety of options, starting with the 2300KT pistol base configuration or the 2400KT carbine. Build one today!