When the annual science fair came around for 13 year old Leo Damico, he opted to present on something very familiar to him: airguns. Specifically, airgun pellet performance.

My science fair project was to measure the accuracy, velocity and speed of different airsoft pellets. I only used Crosman equipment and pellets.  I have included a picture of my awards and medals of what happened to me after being in various science fairs. 

I first attended my Middle School science fair in February of 2013 in Ohio.  Only a handful of students were to move on to Districts to compete at a higher level.  I was one of the students chosen to move onward.  Also, I was the only student to be awarded  the “Big Bang” award for outstanding experiment!

After moving on to the District Science Fair Completion, my surprises continued.  I was the only 7th grader in the entire district to be awarded the “Naval Science Award”.   The Office of Naval Research sponsors scientific research for the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps.  ONR has a long history of sponsoring science that changes the world, from past discoveries like the magnetic core memory that is the basis of every computer, to GPS in the ‘80s and to the smart robots that searched the wreckage of the World Trade Center.  I was honored to win the award!!

I could not have performed and measured the results of my science fair project without your quality product.  I thank you for your product and look forward in seeing what your company puts out in the future!!!

Congratulations Leo and maybe one day you’ll be an engineer designing the next great Crosman product!