The field target world descended upon Damasacus Ike’s Field Target Association’s (DIFTA) course in Maryland this past weekend for the American Airgun Field Target Association’s (AAFTA) National Championships. Competitors came from across the country and across the pond and along Crosman’s “A-Team” of Ray and Hans Apelles, four staff from Crosman HQ made the trek for their first-ever shot at the Nationals (pictured above, LtoR):

  • Terry Neumaster competed in the Hunter Class with a Challenger PCP;
  • Ed Schultz shot a Marauder with a Paul Bishop stock in the PCP Class and a Marauder pistol prototype in Scoped Pistol competition;
  • Crystal Martin brought a Challenger with a fantastic pink stock for the PCP Class;
  • Jim Martin also had a Challenger and competed in PCP;
  • Hans Apelles used his trusted Marauder in the PCP class;
  • Ray Apelles also shot a Marauder in International PCP and a Silhouette in the Pistol competition.

Crystal Martin takes aim with a Challenger PCP and custom-colored stock

Nearly 90 shooters participated with class winners having the opportunity to compete in the world championship event in Italy.

Ray Apelles placed 5th in International PCP and won the national title in Scoped Pistol competition.

Ed Schultz gauges the wind before taking the shot

Terry Neumaster settles in with the Challenger

The “A” Team’s Ray Apelles won the Scoped Pistol competition with the Silhouette PCP

For more photos from the AAFTA Nationals, visit out Flickr page.