That didn’t take long.

Days before the new Centerpoint Tormentor 370 crossbow begins shipping to stores, product manager Andy Fulton and friend David Schneider hit the woods of New York with high hopes of putting a buck in the truck.

“It wasn’t to long before I got a text that David had shot but he wasn’t sure if it was down,” said Fulton. “I get over to his tree and there’s his bolt stuck in the ground at 36 yards, completely saturated. Definitely a hit.”

Here’s the tricky part: from Schneider’s perch in the tree he could see the buck behind some brush another 20 yards out and he told Andy he was still standing!

“We get over there and this buck had died with his chest resting on a stump, his front legs hanging. David was so excited over getting his biggest deer we didn’t have time to take a picture but it was a strange way to find him,” recalls Fulton.