Benjamin Prostaffer and predator expert Barry Stewart knew it was only a matter of time before he would bag a desert coyote with the Rogue .357. “It wasn’t the coyote that was hard, it was waiting for the rifle,” said Stewart, who finally had one delivered in October to his doorstep in west Texas.  The popular new hunting rifle has been in high demand and we were anxious to get one to him.  Here’s the story of his hunt.

As always with hunting coyotes with airguns, I like to call a small open area with the whole area surrounding my calling spot being thick brush. This place was no exception, and I quickly placed the call about 25 yards in front of me to the South. Wind direction is out of the East at 5-7 mph.

Buster, my coyote dog was sitting looking towards the clearing about 3 feet in in front of me and slightly to my left.

I started calling using cottontail sounds on the FoxPro fury. I start out very quiet with my calling and gradually increase the volume as the stand progresses. I’ll also switch sounds to entice the coyotes by protraying a scenario that is believeable in the outdoor setting I am calling in.

About 5-6 minutes into the stand, I hear a coyote running into the stand from behind me. I had taken my standing position with a ghillie jacket, and backed up against a 15′ bushy mesquite tree.

The coyote was coming hard I could tell, and turned to look to my left just as he blasted around the mesquite I was standing in front of and nearly collided with my dog, Buster!

Of course Buster engaged the coyote and let out a loud growl as I was positioning the Rogue in the coyote’s direction, as it rested on my standing shooting sticks. Luckily, because of the thick brush and close quarters of the area I was calling, I had scaled down the power on the CenterPoint 3-12×44 to 4 power. (I usually call with it on 6 power).

Upon Buster engaging the coyote, it turned to get a better look at Buster, and hesitated, but didn’t stop, just as the crosshairs aligned on him. I touched off the shot and the coyote went down so quickly that I did not even see it through the scope. Buster’s actions of getting on the coyote told me the coyote was anchored right there, though. Distance?  The coyote fell 12 yards from my standing position! I could have easily kicked the coyote as he rounded the mesquite when I first saw him. He was literally less than 3 feet from me!

When I walked up to the coyote I first notice his size. He was a “biggun”! Tripping the scales at 43 pounds, I had only killed one coyote that was bigger in the desert terrain I like to hunt. Aside from his size, I noticed the 145 grain Nosler Ballistic Tip took the coyote in the neck just front of the shoulder. It was very clear the shot had broken his neck, and killed him instantly. Now that’s impressive for my first coyote with the Rogue!

The conditions on the ranch were dusty throughout my time there, and the dust never phased the Rogue in the least, and it performed reliably the whole time. The morning I called the coyote up, the skies had clouded up, and a light rain or mist was falling. Again, no issues with the Rogue whatsoever! I think I’m really gonna like hunting predators with this rifle!

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  1. Anonymous

    I hope you didn’t waste that coyote. I hop he went to a good cause.

    • Kristopher

      Can’t eat coyote, Anon. Although there is a good market in Asia for the fur.

  2. J. Running Wind

    Poor Coyote’, maybe next time the coyote’ will use his ACME ordered Sling-shot on you. (jk), If you can’t eat it, why kill it ? – J.Running Wind

    • chunnicutt

      They’re nuisance animals that require population control.

  3. lonewolf

    Wow,, “Tree Huggers” there is no excuse for stupidity. Coyote’s are a extreme nuisance problem. For 1 coyote’s do not care if it’s a rabbit or your family dog or cat thats next on the menu, a female bitch will use her willy ways to entice your famliy male dog into a secluded area where the pack is waiting to make dinner of your dog, for 1….2 they are brutal on the turkey and rabbit population….3 They breed like rats, litters of 5 and up are the norm and in a few short yrs what once was prime hunting ground is now useless because everything is fair food to the Coyote…Just ask the WV DNR how there brian fart has effected the game in wild wonderful West Virginia…I’m a firm believer that everything has a rite to live but the Coyote is a blight on any healthy hunting community and if not controlled with extreme prejudice,,,,if not you’ll end up no animals of any kind and coyotes that are sick and dying from starvation,mal nutrition, and diseases caused from over population……..At least know a little about what your commenting on otherwise you make all “Tree Huggers” look bad !!!!!!!

    • sdugan

      mountain lions were a nuisance problem too but we sure took care of that didn’t we? They also would have kept the wild dog population in check.
      Kill every coyote to save your poodle is your argument???
      They are harmful to other more profitable game is the truth. Thats why we have to kill every last one of them.
      Don’t ever forget how big the hunting business is. Maybe you’ll be a nuisance problem one day when we run out of animals to shoot.
      This post will be deleted thats how big the business is.

      • chunnicutt

        We defer to the ranchers who own the cattle that are being decimated.

      • sdugan

        Hey nobody is telling anyone not to shoot whatever you want. Its your call. Lets just stop sugarcoating it is what I’m saying. You are deciding you know whats best for the world and you are ending life to make the world better for you. Super. If you like hunting then its in your best interest to kill coyotes. They take game away from you. Simple. I like to shoot things. Nothing endangered or illegal but squirrels and pigeons sure. I justify my acts because they feed the local foxes that I like watching at night. Is it right or wrong who’s to say. Who would even care. What were we talking about again?

  4. danny

    The Benjamin/crosman Rogue…. *sigh*. I just dont get it. This gun sells for $1500.00! I JUST dont see how anyone can justify paying that much $ for a mass produced airgun with an LCD screen and a bunch of plastic parts. YEH, i get the whole micro-processor and the ability to shoot heavy rounds long and short range by dialing it in. But the price is ridiculous! When u pay that kind of $ for a gun, it should last several lifetimes. Something to pass down in the family. THIS gun is just a fllashy piece of crap. If you want a big bore air rifle that will last you and your kids lifetimes, buy a DAQ, OR A JBarnes. A true AMERICAN HANDMADE piece of art. I paid less than $800 for my DAQ .308. It’s a handmade piece of American art that I trust with my life. Crosman, stay away from bigbore, if the “Rogue” ( the name even implies a thief, one that steals for a living) is the best you can do… this gun is going to be the downfall of crosman… A true long shot that just cant compete w/the handmade american big bore rifles. $1500.00. What a joke!

    • chunnicutt

      Comparable rifles to the Rogue start at $2,000 and comparing it to anything else is misrepresenting the capabilities of the other guns. The Rogue is a multi-shot, shrouded, variable power, accurate and highly air efficient. It’s not about “heavy rounds and short range”, it’s about a big bore getting more than two shots. It’s about managing air and getting anywhere from four to nearly twenty shots from a single fill of air. Sure it looks different but that’s because it *is* different.