Last month we introduced you to Doug Trumpowsky, a Crosman employee who enjoys shooting as much as he does making the guns he brings to the woods.

Doug is back with a New Year’s story that should convince you that despite the cold weather, there is adventure to be had in the great outdoors.

It was a long deer season this year. During bow season I was getting a little tired of what you think is a deer; the heart starts pounding as the sun gets lower and you know the deer are on the move, only to learn it’s one of those big bushy-tailed squirrels making the leaves rustle on the forest floor.

I was sitting at home New Year’s Eve around lunchtime and decided to take on some of those old bushy-tails with my Remington Nitro Piston in .22cal. In my area we do not gun hunt, but it’s okay to use an air rifle. Snow was on the ground so I put on the ol’ white camo and was fortunate to bag some bushy-tails for the stew pot. One squirrel was at 30 yards and the other was at 35 yards. I shot the first one and a few minutes later got the second one because of the low noise from NITRO Piston.

So when the snow flies, get out and take the woods back from those heartpounder’s.

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