Manny Padroni’s hunt reports come with a caveat:

Do not try this unless you know your ammunition, know your quarry and can consistently¬†shoot a group that’s half the size of your target.

Manny is an expert airgunner living in Hawaii and spends a lot of time hunting wild hogs. On this particular day he was in his ground blind with the Benjamin Trail Nitro Piston 2 in .22 caliber. The first hog shows up nearly three hours later, coming within 30 yards before spooking and leaving the area. Just before 5 p.m. a second hog appears. This one is just as skittish as the earlier visitor, approaching the baitpile of corn a half dozen times before settling long enough for a shot.

Taking a hog with a break barrel air rifle takes patience for the right shot to present itself. And when it did, in the words of Crosman friend and host of InsideOutdoorsTV Dave Poteat, he “put it right between the lookers”. A single shot to the brain turned out the lights and all that was left to do was fire up the smoker.