Two top airgun publication in the United Kingdom give high praise to the Benjamin Trail and its Nitro Piston powerplant.

Airgunner and Airgun World writers Charlie McFee and George Stevens shared the same high regard for design and special touches, such as the well-thought front sling mount and Weaver rail scope mount. “The Benjamin Trail is simply outstanding value for (the) money and I’m genuinely amazed at how much is on offer for the asking price,” writes Stevens.

Europeans have long been airgun enthusiasts and the accolades heaped upon the Trail series in these articles are impressive.  From the trigger and classic styling to the full package of rifle, sling, scope and mounts making it ready for the field right out of the box, both writers agree the Trail is something serious hunters should consider purchasing.

McFee does an excellent job of explaining “action time”, what it means to a shooter and how the Nitro Piston is superior to the traditional coiled steel spring of piston-powered airguns.  “The action time is the time between the trigger releasing the shot and the pellet leaving the barrel,” he writes, summarizing that because the Nitro Piston is quicker than a spring, there is less opportunity for inaccurate shots caused by a shooter’s movements.

Both articles are great reviews so be sure to grab a PDF of each using the links below:

“Trail Blazer! George Stevens reckons he’s tracked down an absolute bargain of a combo” – Airgun World (6.3mb)

“BIG TEST: BENJAMIN TRAIL Charlie McFee looks at a brand new airgun package that seems to be on the right track” –  Airgunner (7.9mb)

2 Responses

  1. Shadow

    Will the .177 variant, not yet tested, apparently, nor results published, produce an 11ft/lbs+ delivery?
    If yes I might buy one!
    If not kill the advertising.

  2. Larry D Stafford

    I own the Benjamin Trail NP .22 with synthetic stock. I shoot daily both on targets and am licensed to take desert small game with this powerplant. An awesome rifle I have no regrets on my purchase.