Crosman recently announced it will be hosting the Northeast Regional Field Target Championship later this summer and this week we have added an additional contest that will surely test the skill of the savviest shooters: the Quigley Bucket Challenge.

The scene from Quigley Down Under (1990) is unforgettable, as Quigley (Tom Selleck), successfully shoots a 17″ bucket at approximately 550 yards not once, but several times. At first glance it may seem like movie magic, but it can be done. But done with an airgun?  It’s all about scale.

With a nod to Jock Elliott for recreating the challenge for airguns, we have assembled a “bucket” target measuring 1.75″ to be placed at 55 yards.  Shooters are to use 10-meter guns (6.5 ftlb limit) sporting open and iron sights or non-magnified sights only. Best-of-5 shots wins.  For those who don’t own a gun that meets these specs or those who just want to take a try at hitting our “bucket”, we’ll have have a few Benjamin Discovery rifles on hand outfitted with the same precision diopter sights like those found on our popular Challenger rifles.

Be sure to check out our custom-made Quigley Bucket Challenge targets after the jump.

The Quigley Bucket Challenge starts at 4pm on Friday, July 9 here at Crosman HQ in Bloomfield, NY.  The Northeast Regional Field Target Championship hosted by Crosman is part of the Eastern Field Target Competitors Club (EFTCC) series and the match begins at 9:00 a.m. Saturday, July 10.  The competition will be conducted under the auspices of AAFTA and International Core rules.  There will be two rounds of 40 shots each for a total of 80 shots.  The available divisions include PCP, Piston, Hunter (all 20 ftlb limit) and WFTF (12 ftlb limit).  Awards will be available for 1st-3rd places in each division.

For more details, directions and a registration form, click here to visit the Crosman NRFTC page.  The match fee is only $5 and includes lunch but don’t wait to register – the deadline is June 1.

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  1. C.H.Curtright

    What a great Idea. I hope it makes the national news. Sure took my mind off the oil spill and many other national problems.