It seems like everyone has a blog these days. Everyone that is, except Crosman. We have been working hard to bring you the best airgun website on the Internet and as we march into 2008 that effort continues with the introduction of the newest feature to our site.

Croswords, the official airgun blog of Crosman! This will be the place to come for the best discussion of airguns as an industry and as a past time. We are reaching out to some of the finest voices in the airgun community for content and conversation as well as introducing you to some of the characters that work hard to develop your favorite airguns.

So let me cut to our first big announcement of the year…

You have seen the initial reports popping up around the web. On Monday the 14th of January we will “officially” unveil the Benjamin Discovery. You will find the launch at

All your questions will be answered. In the meantime, look for continued coverage at some of your favorite airgun sites and keep checking Croswords for new posts. Leave a comment or two and get in on the conversation.

20 Responses

  1. powermatic500

    Could this be the very first blog posting? Can’t wait to see the announcement about the Discovery!

  2. Jason

    The Crosman Blog will be another useful advertising tool to keep people informed of upcoming products. If Crosman plans on including airgun reviews in the blog, they will need to find an unbiased third party writer who is “known” in the airgunning community. A real person, with a real name who isn’t compensated by Crosman in any way!! Otherwise it is just an advertisement from the folks who are trying to sell product. Most readers will see it for what it is.

    A couple well “known” airgun writers are also guilty of writting ads and not true unbiased reviews. These people fool no one. They are paid for their kind words with cash and/or merchandise. While many airgunners read these fella’s reviews, they are taken with a grain of salt. Most know they are nothing but ads. As a matter of fact I just read a review of the Benjamin Discovery from one of “these” writers. He can’t even give honest opinions or feedback if he wanted to because then the supply line of free stuff will dry up. As a result he has never disliked anything he has ever reviewed!

    On a side note if you want airgunners around the globe to get real excited, combine the pcp capabilities of the Discovery and merge it with a 2240 or 2250 grip frame. It wouldn’t take much, if any new tooling, and I guarantee you would have a hard time keeping up with demand for them. There is only a couple choices for pcp hunting pistols. The competition is slim and every airgunner wants one.

  3. Michael in Florida

    What happened to the 2250 XE that was supposed to be available in December of 2007??????


    I suspect so. Now it’s Januarey of 2008…..until that doesn’t happen, then February of 2008, then…..

    By the way, what will be the MSRP?


    Michael in Florida

  4. Tom

    I hope the new PCP will be added to the custom shop with upgrades such as premium barrels etc.

    I WILL buy one if it is also marketed without the bundled 3 stage pump. I already have a Hill pump and 2 each 44 Cubic Feet Crabon Fiber Tanks. So I will not buy it if I HAVE to buy another pump.

    Male sure the marketing guys understand this I am sure many people are in the same boat

  5. Zach Allen

    Good Job Crosman! Never even saw this coming. I can’t wait to order the Discovery. Keep up the innovation and hard work. Looking forward to seeing what else you guys come up with.

  6. Crosman

    Thanks for posting guys. We are really excited about the Discovery and we have some great things coming to site on Monday.

    Now let me answer Michael’s question…

    “What happened to the 2250 XE that was supposed to be available in December of 2007??????”

    We are still going forward, there turned out to be some internal issues that pushed the launch back but it is on the way. We are developing a lot of products and some schedules are more flexible than others.

    Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more…


  7. Jim in KS

    As a marketing professional, I can appreciate the niche that you have targeted in the airgun market. Bullseye! As an airgunner who has been wanting to get into PCP shooting on a budget, I can also appreciate what you’ve done. No airgun can be all things to all people, but it looks to me like the Discovery will be a great intro to PCP shooting for a lot of shooters.

    As great as the Discovery may be, the real news here is this blog. As others have noted, to have the ear of the manufacturer is a rare thing. They usually just make stuff and try to sell it. Crosman has re-discovered the classic secret of good business… “Find out what the customer wants, and provide it for them.”

  8. Crosman 2250 custom fanatic

    Well i think that yall should come out with a screw in bulk fill to replace the original co2 cartrige for the 2250 with something so we could hook up a remote and have it hooked up to a bigger 9oz. co2 tank and use a remote. Please try to consider my comment because some other buisiness’s that make them like . they make a 12grm eliminator for almost all the crosman model’s, and i think it would be easier if you did on your site just for simplicity and convienence

  9. John

    YEAH!!!you people have funs and in Greece! happy owner of a Crosman Phantom 1000…
    btw I would love to see some Crosman Compensators…

    Best Regards

  10. Bob

    I agree with TOM’s post. I think it is a great package for someone new to PCP’s. Though I’m highly interested in the airgun, I’ll pass if it is only sold as a bundle with the pump. I have three 66 cu ft 4500 psi tanks that I’ve already invested in so I have absolutely no use at all for a handpump.

    Hopefully it’s not marketed just to the “Newbie”.

    Bob at the Jersey Shore

  11. Tom

    Josh is this “American Made” Where is the factory?? Seems to be a question floated on the yellow forum??? I for one hope it is and not another out-sourceing of a product.

    The UK rifles are now way too expensive but if China ever lives up to it WTO agreements and stops government control of its money China products will go the same way

  12. Airgun Mike

    Hi Crosman, I think this may be one of the best ideas that you have had in a long time. Finally, an American made PCP airgun built with the sportsman in mind, and at a reasonable price with a pump, too! But, I have a few questions, first, does the barrel have a regular “Crosman crown”, or a “Custom Shop crown”? Second, will there be a carbine and pistol model? From what I’ve heard on the airgun forums, the new PCP is based off the 2260, so there should be a 2250 PCP carbine with a 14.5 to 16 inch barrel, and a 2240 PCP hunter’s pistol with a 10 inch barrel to go along with it. I believe that if Crosman comes out with these, they would dominate the American PCP market with affordable, quality PCP’s, especially with the cost of European airguns rising because of the Dollar vs. Euro/Pound. Thank you for being so innovative, and please keep up the great work. I will contine to buy from Crosman!

    Thank You,

    Airgun Mike

  13. Tom

    I clicked in for one standalone today. I hope they are faster on shipping rifles than picking, packing and shipping parts.

    And while on the topic of parts where are those parts breakdown PDFs?????

  14. JPO

    Since the folks at Gamo have apparently cracked the code on how to legally put silencers on airguns for sale in the US, how about Crosman follow suit? I own several precharged rifles and all of them that I have that generate power levels similar to what is posted about the Discovery (900 FPS with midweight .22 pellets) are LOUD. That being said, the “shrouded” designs sold on some of the upper end European models have quite a bit less bark. A big can up front like Gamo uses should make the Discovery awfully difficult to “discover” by game and by neighbors. I have a 6 acre plot in the country and the neighbors have similar sized plots, but a 30-ish FPE PCP is just too loud for me to shoot in the yard with no sort of moderator. Yes, it’s completely legal to shoot out here, it’s in the country and I have safe backstops.

  15. Ed

    I would like to know something about a Crosman 400 repeater pelet rifle. I have recently come in position of one. I want to know how to use it so I can tell if it still works. I do not know how to put the powerlets in it, etc. anyone able to tell me something about this fasinating rifle? Thanks

  16. Ed in Georgia

    Can Crossman offer some sort of silencer / moderator method for a STORM XT. Great gun but too loud for my neighborhood. Published spec on it is up to 1000fps w/ .177 pellets.