Crosman Corporation, long known for innovation and quality in the shooting sports, today announced the giveaway of a .25 caliber Benjamin Marauder PCP air rifle on the popular website during the month of April.

According to J.R. Robbins of, “the lucky winner will receive a one-of-a-kind Benjamin Marauder hunting airgun package. Engraved with the NRA logo, the precharged pneumatic air rifle helps celebrate our Annual Meetings this year.” The NRA/Crosman giveaway includes the engraved .25 caliber Benjamin air rifle, CenterPoint Hunting and Outdoors 3-12x44mm scope with mounts, Benjamin 3000 psi air tank, hand pump, and .25 caliber pellets. “Everything you need to power up and get shooting immediately,” said Robbins. The suggested retail price of the entire hunting package is $955.00.

Crosman Vice President of Marketing, Bob Hampton commented, “Participation in this NRA program provides a great opportunity for us to reach hunters and educate them about the viability and enjoyment of hunting with airguns.”

“With its precharged pneumatic powerplant generating up to 900 fps, and over 30 foot pounds of energy, the Marauder air rifle is capable of taking prairie dogs to fox-sized game, at or beyond 50 yards,” said Hampton. The bolt-action Marauder features an eight-round, auto-indexing magazine, a two-stage, adjustable trigger and a rifled barrel. “The beautifully engraved hardwood stock has an ambidextrous raised comb and a ventilated, rubber butt pad,” he said. The internally shrouded barrel maintains a stealth-like presence, “so that when you pull the trigger, the loudest sound you hear is that of the pellet hitting your quarry,” Hampton said.

“We invite you to enter the Benjamin Marauder Gift Giveaway by visiting Scroll down to ‘Gift Giveaway’ and follow the simple instructions,” said Robbins. There is no cost to enter and entries will be accepted during the entire month of April. A winner will be announced May 1, 2011.

63 Responses

  1. Carmen Fiorille

    i need a new gun, sick of using the same old one.

  2. David Setliff

    Gift Giveaway entry. First gun I owned, bought by me, was a crossman. It’s 50 years old now. Doesn’t shoot anymore, I think the chamber is gone. Got a grand child on the way, due December, need a gun for the little one to learn on.

  3. Christopher DeLong

    This would (will) be a great gun for my son to start shooting with. I hope i can win it for him. It will be a great birthday present for him.

  4. James Koehn

    I used to own Daisy Air Rifles when I was a kid. We had one Crossman, but nothing like this. My grandson would love it. I’m sure at a later time he would teach his son the proper use of a rifle. What a privlege it would be to own an air rifle of this quality.

  5. Bill Buckley

    Just what I need to shoot varmits in my yard.

  6. Ray

    this will be realy good for the chuck problem we have been having around here dont want to use the .22 LR because its too loud and more or less the smaller amount of lead still has more trouble hitting the vitals at distance the .25 marauder is just enough gun for the job

  7. Wayne S.

    I’ll enter love to hunt with air guns for small game hunting. I’ll go for rabbits, squirrels, Turkeys, coyotes, and more .22 cal and 177. I have and use a Crosman known and trusted, they’ll getter done and will work we’ll..
    Have Fun, Keep it safe, Good Luck.

  8. george schimmek

    Gift Giveaway entry. First gun I owned was a Crossman BB Gun. It’s almost 50 years old now. Doesn’t shoot anymore, I think the air chamber is shot. I have found someone who can fix it. I’d rather have this beauty in the giveaway.

  9. Robert D Furrow

    I have a Crosman .357 revolver, and would sure like to win this rifle.

  10. Joe Perkins

    I have a old Crosmon air rifle from the 60′ still works fine. Due to the shape of the pump. it been
    called the popcorn model. A fine air gun. JAP

  11. Christian Pedersen

    I have always been a Crosman fan since I was a wee lad. The Marauder is a step up in an already great legacy.

  12. George Hunt

    My two Grandsons are just the age to start hunting. In fact they have been asking me when I am going to start teaching them. I think this would be an excellent gun to get them started. Hunting is one of the best ways to get young out of the city and learn about the great outdoors and hunting.

    • Mr. Kevin Richards

      ‘Gift Giveaway’ Win A Marauder .25 From
      The Beautifully engraved hardwood stock engraved with the NRA logo. Opps I didn’t mention the precharged pneumatic air rifle helps to Kick Off this years Celebration of your Annual Meetings. I would Love to have a go at this .25 Marauder. It brings back memories of The Vernon Army Cadet Camp where I instruct U.S.M.C. cadets as well as our own in the proper use of fire arms. I would be Proud to be able to show off this .25 Marauder with the NRA logo. I would be able to reach out to those young hunters and educate them about the viability and enjoyment of hunting with airguns. This would be such an Honor to Win. I would display this .25 Marauder in a show case when not in use that is to say cherish it for ever more. Thank You for this opportunity
      it is greatly appreciated. SGT. Richards

  13. Chris Stamper

    I would like to have a gun like this to get my sons involved. I have an AR15 that I would like to graduate them up to but this rifle would be the perfect starter.

  14. rick wise

    crossman is the only air gun there is their is no better

  15. Lynn Johnson

    My first gun at age 5 was a Crossman. Now, at age 65, it’s nice to see that they’re carrying on the tradition. I still have that first Crossman that I owned and it still works.

  16. Cindy A Schlaifer

    My husband , Stuart and I shoot on our property together. I would love to win this to surprize him with a new gun! Thanks for the chance!

  17. Lowell E. Austin

    Perfect for my two grandsons. Send it now and disappoint all the others.

  18. John Ladshaw

    I would love to win a Crossman gun with the NRA Logo on it. As I have been a member for years. I have a Crossman pump BB Rifle but it no longer has power when you pump it. Thanks for the chance and thanks for being out there.

  19. Sean Ficke

    Dear Crossman,

    I am a life long member of the NRA and I saw that you were giving away a beautiful new gun. I believe that this would be the perfect first timer shooter for my son. This would be something that he could charish forever and with the logo of the NRA it would be a life long simble of what importance it is to support out second amendment rights. Thanks for the opportunity and I wont say anything to him in hopes that he will be able to see it and have a hudge smile on his face.

    Thanks Very Much
    Sean Ficke

  20. fred Harvey

    Air riffles are a great source of fun and small game hunting. I bought my son a Crossman when he was a young boy and he has been hunting ever since. Please enter me into your drwaing. Fred Harvey

  21. Rich Carpenter

    I’ve been very satisfied with my Gammo Hunter for going on ten (10) years now. Sign me up for that Benjamin, I’ll let you know how long I’m happy with that one, too!



  23. james m jones

    haven’t had a air gun since my old daisy

  24. Wally Blackburn

    After I win this rifle my 760 pumpmaster will never feel the same.

  25. Bryan.Brunings.

    Na 30 jaar wouw ik weer een buks,maar er is zoveel verandert dat ik de verkeerde buks kocht namenlijk Gamo co2 exstreme echt een verkeerde keuze .
    Ik ben nu maanden alle sits aan het afzoekken naar wat bij mij past .
    Mijn keuze is gevallen op de Marauder ik ben aan het sparen om er 1 te kopen,het
    zou geweldig zijn als ik er 1 zou winnen.
    Vriendelijke groet.BRYAN.

  26. Ken Weatherl

    looks like the best gun foe plinking around other homes and buildings

  27. Ken Weatherl

    use to take car of varmits around close housing

  28. David Farley

    I need a new Crossman rifle have had my Crossman 22 Cal pellet rifle for 25 years been a good old gun and has seen alot of use all may kids used it as well as me putting to use . Crossman is a well made gun and their had to find any more made like these old one but crossman gets the job do so Sign me up for the entry to win a new gun Thanks

  29. Pete Miedema

    I have 12 grand children and at age 7 I buy each of them a Crosman air rifle. Please enter me into the drawing.

  30. Steve Lewis

    I grew up with pellet and bb guns wouldnt mind having a new one

  31. Mike Vega

    I can’t wait to try the Marauder. I have never shot an airgun. I hope I win.

  32. David

    My four boys would love to parlay over who would get to shoot this first. I do believe that I would probably win the first shot and they will have to rock, paper, scissors for the second.

  33. Thomas Yanity

    Would love to win this. I havent shot an airgun in over 20 years. Would love to try it out on the squirrels up north.



  35. Richard Donohue

    Hey Guys ( Girls) Don’t you think members should have been notified of this contest via email or postal mail ?

    • Chip @ Crosman

      As mentioned above, NRA subscribers received this in their email. To enter the contest, you must go to Posting here does not enter you in the contest.

  36. Brett Nelson

    I have been looking at this rifle for a while now and would love to own one, I am always reading reviews and articles on it. I really like the built in baffles and shrouded barrels and the fact that you can tune the velocity, hammer and trigger pull. The match trigger looks sweat! I love to plink and hunt small game with my 17hmr. This rifle is truely impressing…I have read that the 25cal is the most accurate at ranges up to 100yards which is amaizing. I have my eyes set on a Hawke airmax EX 4-12x40for this one…

  37. frank laythorpe


  38. Neville Johnson

    I owned a crosman pump-up BB/Pellet gun back in the 80’s & 90’s with a 4×14 Bently scope on it and shot many Squatter Pigeons (yummy) with this fantastic firearm. Sadly whislt I was serving in the Australian Army when the government did a gun buyback program in the late 90″ my brother handed it in without my knowledge. Not happy Jan!
    Have not been able to find a dealer here in QLD Australia that will order me a “Crosman” Air rifle, so this would be fantastic to own another great firearm.

  39. Darin Peper

    The crossman Maurauder is a beautiful gun. And to have it teamed up with NRA…wow now it just can’t get better than that. Maybe a NRA baseball hat:) also. Thank You for putting up great contests like this. I’d love to win the Maurauder, six kids shooting with me makes for a bit of a line:) I’d have to buy a couple extra clips so they could load up waiting for their chance at the trigger. Thanks Again

  40. Noel

    I have had .177 pelet gun for 25 years and 22 cal pelet for 20 years. They are both still working fine but I am 73 years old ,I have autheritus and have trouble and pain pumping them up.I use them to shoot squirrels.

  41. gary thivierge

    I really like the idea of a .25cal air rifle and larger,a sealth way to hunt, adds to the hole experience. I would like to pass on the american hertiage of hunting ,fishing and camping in the great outdoors to the younger members of the family.

  42. John Stephens

    A few decades ago I was a member of the UK Home Guard rifle club, in those days it was live .22 ammo and nothing else, but the spec on modem air rifles is amazing. I’d love to own a Marauder .25

  43. fidel

    una gran arma, necesito una, por favor elijanme

  44. Jaya Wicaksana

    Air gun will surely help me keep monkey out of my garden and mangoe trees at backyard, I don’t like to kill them but sometime you shoud do you must to