Airsoft gun - choose a gun that is suitable for the battle environment and your personal preference (see section on "Power-Plants" and "Types of Action"). Consider the weight of the Airsoft. Ensure that your Airsoft complies with the FPS requirements at the gaming site. If your Airsoft velocity is greater than the regulated limit, you won't be allowed to use your gun. In some cases, there will be a gun available for rental.

Goggles - use eye protection made for Airsoft gaming that is design to provide you with a wide field of view while fully enclosing your eyes.

Face Mask - face protection is highly recommended (not everyone wears this equipment. However, at certain distances BBs are capable of chipping your teeth).

Refueling Source - a spare battery or extra gas will come in handy.

Ammo - having sufficient ammo helps you and your team complete the mission.

Grenades* - tossing a grenade can add a lot of realism to the battle.

Shooting gloves* - weather appropriate gloves that comfortably fits inside the trigger guard.

Tactical, Special Ops or Military styled gear - proper gear is preferred when participating in formal gaming events. However, comfortable clothing with pockets or compartments for extra mags and ammo will get you gaming in your backyard or other informal Airsoft activities.

Rail mounted accessories - flashlight, laser and/or optics*.

Kneepads* - some gamers choose to wear kneepads when engaged in a battle that requires frequent kneeling. Other players rough it. You choose.

* Optional