Outdoor/open field gaming has a maximum of 400 fps. Airsoft activity sites can be quite elaborate depending on where you game. For instance, some sites have very realistic battlefield conditions including acres of open space, with man-made and natural structures. Some gaming sights have trails that can get you disoriented if you're not compass savvy.

Other paths actually lead to places that can give your team the military advantage. Airsoft gaming fields can be covered with high tree density, hills, props, vehicles and base camps.

CQB and Urban Combat environments typically have a maximum of 350 fps. CQB and Urban Combat can take on a number of different environmental conditions. What they share in common is that the combat zones take place in areas set up to resemble homes, commercial buildings and small communities/neighborhoods. It can sometimes look like a movie set with props of partial to full structures, plantings, vehicles, and more. Combat can take place outside of the structures and work its way inside of structures and escalate into full CQB conditions.

Let's not minimize the excitement many gamers have when they creatively turn their backyards into battle zones. Bring it on!