Types of Use

While their origins are in live-action gaming, airsoft rifles and pistols have broader applications. They are particularly popular in law enforcement and education.


Airsoft guns have found a home with law enforcement and the military because they can accurately replicate the appearance, weight and feel of an actual firearm. This makes them ideal for non-lethal training scenarios.

For shooters looking to get some trigger time, these same qualities make airsoft an option for practicing proper shootng techniques in the home.


The most popular use for airsoft is gaming, whether it’s in the backyard or in formal CQB skirmish activities. Reenacting military battles, simple Capture The Flag, or whatever scenario you can dream up, airsoft offers realism that can’t be had elsewhere.

Safety Education

Firearm safety educators utilize airsoft products in their courses as a way to focus on skill development, such as breath control, trigger control and simply introducing new shooters to the sport. With no recoil or loud report, inexpensive ammunition and accurate shooting, airsoft is a fine alternative for educators.


It’s hard to beat simply being in the backyard knocking down cans, pine cones or other simple plinking targets. Airsoft is quiet so it won’t disturb the neighbors and their range is quite limited.