History of Crosman

History of Crosman

Crosman Rifle Company was founded in 1923 in Rochester, New York, when Bertram Fenner, Operations Manager for Crosman Brothers Seed Company, reached an agreement with William McLean to produce pellets and an airgun based on McLean’s own patented design. Two years later, Frank Hahn purchased Crosman Rifle Company and renames it Crosman Arms. His son, P.Y. Hahn, becomes the driving force of the company for the next fifty years.

In 1971, The Coleman Company, Inc. acquired Crosman. Subsequently Crosman's principal manufacturing facilities were moved to the current location in East Bloomfield, New York, about 30 miles south of Rochester.

In August 1990, Pexco Holdings, Inc. acquired Crosman.

Crosman acquired the Visible Impact Target Company in July 1991, as well as the Benjamin Sheridan Corporation in February, 1992. Benjamin has continued as a dominant U.S. manufacturer of high-end pneumatic and CO2 powered airguns. Sheridan was one of the world's foremost manufacturers of high quality paintball markers.

In 1994, the Benjamin Sheridan manufacturing operations, then in Racine, Wisconsin, were consolidated into Crosman's East Bloomfield facility.

In January, 1997, Crosman was acquired by an investment group whose renewed focus on market expansion, new product development and leveraging the company's core competencies of design, manufacturing, and distribution to new areas of business, re-energized Crosman.

In 1998, to leverage its position in the growing paintball and related products market, Crosman formed the Sheridan Paintball Division. Three years later, Crosman created the Game Face Paintball brand to market paintball markers, paint, clothing and accessories. It also introduced its first line of airsoft pistols, designed for low-impact, recreational target shooting.

In 2007, the company expanded its offering outside the traditional airgun category with the debut of its new optics division, CenterPoint Precision Optics.

In 2008, Crosman diversified further by adding Crosman Archery to its list of branded products and introduced two new hunting crossbows in addition to youth archery products

Today, Crosman Corporation is an international designer, manufacturer and marketer of Crosman pellet and BB rifles and pistols, Copperhead ammunition, high quality Benjamin pellet rifles and ammunition, airsoft rifles and pistols, and precision optics. The company employs more than 300 people domestically, markets its products around the world and is seen as a leader in the airgun industry.


1923 Crosman Brothers Company produces airgun pellets

1924 First pneumatic pump airgun debuts, revolutionizing “power without powder”

1931 Crosman CO2 guns showcased at National Camp Perry Matches

1940 Crosman grows to six employees

1966 Model 760 Pumpmaster air rifle introduced, becoming the most enduring airgun model in history, with more than 16 million sold

1991 RepeatAir CO2 powered, semi-automatic pistol introduced

2003 Crosman designs and manufactures first US-made break barrel air rifle

2008 Benjamin Discovery debuts as industry’s first affordable pre-charged pneumatic air rifle

2009 CenterPoint Division established providing feature-rich shooting optics

2010 Nitro Piston break barrel technology introduced, reducing shot noise by 70%

2011 Benjamin Rogue .357 unveiled as first large caliber hunting air rifle

2012 Crosman Undead Apocalypse Airsoft brand established to fan flames of zombie craze

2013 Crosman marks its first 90-years of shooting fun.