Marines Field Guide

Marines Field Guide


Fire Support for the Squad

Fires from supporting units assist the rifle squad in accomplishing its mission.

Platoon Support

The rifle platoon contains three rifle squads. Rifle squads within the rifle platoon may provide the fire support (base of fire) for the maneuver of one or more squads.

Company Support

The weapons platoon of the rifle company contains mortars, machine guns, and shoulder-launched assault weapons (SMAWs). These are organized into a mortar section of three mortars, a machine gun section of six guns and an assault section with six SMAWs. The weapons platoon can employ mortars and machine guns to provide fires (base of fire) in support of maneuvering elements in the offense and for supporting the defense.

Battalion Support

The weapons company of the infantry battalion contains mortars, .50 caliber and machine guns, and antitank weapons. These are organized into a mortar platoon of eight mortars, a heavy machine gun platoon of six .50 caliber and six machine guns, and an antiarmor platoon.

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