Benjamin® Trail NP2 (.177)

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Nitro Piston Elite Powered, Break Barrel Air Rifle with SBD Silver and 3-9x32 Scope

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Model: BTN217SX

Benjamin Trail break barrel air rifles are the first to feature the all new Nitro Piston Elite™ system featuring an upgraded powerplant and all-new, enhanced Clean Break Trigger (CBT™).

The new Trail guns shoot 15% faster and deliver more energy with double the effective shooting range of the original Trail series. All in a smoother-shooting gun with less vibration, less recoil, and up to a 10-pound reduction in cocking force.

The Benjamin Trail rifles also include an integrated sound suppression system that makes the gun quieter than ever.

And every gun is put together by American workers in our manufacturing headquarters in Bloomfield, New York.

The .177 caliber Benjamin Trail shoots up to 1400 fps (alloy) and delivers 23 foot pounds of energy (fpe). It includes a CenterPoint 3-9 x 32 mm scope. The All-Weather synthetic stock features a thumbhole configuration with rubber recoil pad.

Recommended Use:
  • Pest Control
  • Small Game Hunting
  • Target Shooting
Benjamin® Trail NP2 (.177)