Craftsman Collection Spare Magazine (.177)

Craftsman Collection Spare Magazine (.177)

Spare Mag for Craftsman Collection

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  • Craftsman Collection Spare Mag (.177)
Model: RC7714

The Benjamin Craftsman Collection .177 Caliber Spare Magazine is a fast loading and auto-indexing mag that fits in the Benjamin Akela, Cayden, and Kratos air rifles. Carrying spare magazines allows you to concentrate on your target and minimize reloading time. Also, using a spare magazine it will allow you to remain quiet in the field without packing noisy pellets in a tin.

  • Spare .177 caliber PCP rifle magazine
  • 14-shot, fast loading and auto-indexing
  • Works with Benjamin Akela, Cayden and Kratos (.177 caliber) air rifles
Craftsman Collection Spare Magazine (.177)