Compound Bow (Model AVCK55KT)

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Model: AVCK55KT
    The Kronos opens the doors to hunting for the people new to archery with a generous draw weight and draw length adjustment. A field-ready kit, the Kronos helps you get into archery and grow as a hunter.
  • Great transitional bow for young archers ready to take on big game hunting
  • Capable for hunting deer at the maximum settings and delivering speeds up to 275 fps
  • Draw weight adjustable from 15 – 55 lbs.
  • Draw length adjustable from 19" – 29"
  • 7" brace height and 70% let off for consistent accuracy
  • Right handed bow
  • Field Ready Kit includes bow, fiber optic sight, wheel peep sight, nock loop, full capture arrow rest and quiver
  • Bonus: Release aid included