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Looking to add to your collection while getting a stellar deal in the process? Our wide selection of air rifles, air pistols, and full-auto BB guns in our sales section will help you find exactly what you’re looking for. We offer a wide variety of diverse designs and products crafted from high-quality materials in order to meet the needs of plinkers, hunters, and air gun competitors. 

Ready to get a great deal and take your shooting experience to the next level? From discount air guns to refurbished air rifles and even bundle offerings, we offer it all here at Crosman. Start your air gun journey with products like:

Bundle Offerings

Looking to kickstart your air gun activities with everything you need for your favorite hobby? Crosman’s bundle offerings not only give you access to discount air guns but a wide variety of helpful accessories, whether those are extra cases of ammo or targets to dial in your air gun right out of the box.

Remanufactured and Alternate Specials

The best discount air guns offer the reliable performance you look to Crosman to deliver. Remanufactured air guns are those that have been sent back to the manufacturer to be rebuilt and reconditioned. Looking for a quality guarantee? Our Alternate Special air guns are our excess inventory full-auto air guns, which we offer at deeply discounted prices directly to customers.

Make Every Shot Count With Crosman

Crosman has been revolutionizing the industry since 1923, helping air gun enthusiasts such as yourself discover the joy of shooting with high-performance air guns and air gun accessories. With bundle offerings, free shipping on orders over $99, and of course our clearance category for air rifles, it’s easy for both beginners and experienced air gun lovers to start or continue their journey. 

Ready to bring on the fun? See what we have in our collection now or reach out to our customer service team if you have any questions!