A hundred years ago, in 1923, visionary William A. McLean brought the world's first pneumatic pump airgun to life. McLean took his plans and a prototype to the manager of the esteemed Crosman Brothers See Co. and that's how the Crosman Rifle Company came into being. McLean's string of innovations made air rifles "capable of anything a powder rifle will do, and lots that a powder rifle will not."
In 1924, the first Crosman lever model redifined the airgun. Its design pattern remains the basis for most American airguns made to this day! Accurate, powerful, and a joy to shoot, Crosman products soared to success, delivering "power without powder."
In 1929, Crosman rifles came in .22 caliber, magazine-fed, repeating models.
These are some of the characters created in 1930 for The Crosman Rogue's Gallery contest by none other than Dr. Seuss.
In 1931, we introduced CO2 guns powered from a large central tank. These compressed gas models, accessible in Crosman Shooting Ranges, gave Americans an enjoyable way to (literally) release the pressure of the day.
Like the rest of the country, Crosman set fun aside during the war years. In 1942, the O.S.S. - the agency that predated the C.I.A - purchased 2000 silent Crosman rifles for use in espionage missions. Scuttlebutt had them deployed across Malaya, India, and Burma, but the spies remain tight lipped.
CO2 is still an important power source today. Make sure to keep your CO2 stockpile full.
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In 1954, Crosman again upended the industry with the release of Powerlets®, disposable CO2 cylinders that held 50% more charge than the kind used for arbonation. Model 150 and 157 single-shot pistols were the first airguns to use these Powerlets for "year 'round shooting fun." A year later, fine-tuned improvements lifted the Model 160 into becoming one of the most respected and popular airgun designs of all time.
Crosman - and its reputation as the go-to source for the pure joy of shooting - kept climbing higher. BB guns entered the line-up in 1958, as did spear guns. Yep, spear guns! Technological innovations increased airgun power, caliber, magazine size, and accuracy.
The 1960s ushered in a wave of innovation and growth, earning Crosman President Kennedy's "E" award for Excellence in Exporting.
1966, was the year we introduced the unstoppable Pumpmaster 760.
The 760 is introducing new shooters the fun of shooting sports
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Another '60s innovation was the Crosman Stop-N-Shoot in-store pellet gun demonstrator.
Here's our sales team in the '70s "Man, we are cool."
Crosman has leveraged its unique ability to produce power with air into other technologies besides just airguns. We were at the leading edge of what would become a culteral obsession for years to come: paintball. Starting in 1986 with the introduction of the sport's favorite side arm, the PGP, and first paintball rifle, the KP-3, Sheridan Paintball eventually morphed into Game Face Paintball, all Crosman brands. We even owned a pro paintball team, the Detroit Thunder.
In 1987 Crosman teamed up with Olympic gold medalist Ragnar Shanaker to design a world-class Match pistol. In its first year of international competition alone, athletes using the Crosman/Shanaker Match Pistol won three Gold medals and a Silver medal.
The '90s, saw the beginning of Crosman's expansion into global markets. Our brand is now synonymous with air power everywhere in the world that airguns are sold.
The introduction of break barrels (aka springers) boosted enthusiasm for the use of airguns for small game hunting. Crosman entered the fray in 2002 and has led the charge in advancements in the technology ever since.
We have so many Break Barrels, it's time to get your own!
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The next hill to climb was Airsoft, and man did Crosman climb it. Starting in 2003 with three pistol kits, Crosman would quickly dominate the category, and still do this day with a vast and constantly growing assortment of airsoft rifles, pistols, and accessories under Game Face Airsoft brand.
In 2006 the Crosman Custom Shop was introduced. At crosman.com, you can design your own airgun by choosing from an assortment of grip, trigger, barrel, fram, and optics options. You can even have your name engraved on the barrel.
Check out the new and improved custom shop
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Crosman redefined the break barrel in 2010 with the invention of the Nitro Piston, which replaces the standard break barrel spring with a nitrogen gas piston. This new technology reduces noise by 70%, and increases accurracy by eliminating the jerk of the decompressing spring.
The break barrel evolution continues today with Crosman's Mag-Fire multi-shot technology.
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In 2012, Crosman's already industry-leading competition rifle, the Challenger received a major overhaul. Having already been converted to PCP in 2009, it now features a sleek new look, and continues to win competitions as the airgun of choice for the U.S. Military JROTC programs.
This decade has gotten off to a truly exciting start with an explosion of mind blowing full auto BB guns that are sending shockwaves through the airgun world. What a fantastic way to close out our first one hundred years.
The future is here and the ST-1 elevates our Full-Auto lineup
Half-rifle, half-pistol, and all exhilaration!
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Here's to the next 100 years.
Crosman 362 100 Year Edition
In commemoration of the Crosman centennial, we're releasing a special limited edition 362. This versatile single shot, bolt- action air rifle is one of our favorites, and a fresh take on the classic variable pump platform. With it's handsome Turkish walnut stock, it's perfect for skill advancement, small game hunting, critter control — and showing off your devotion to air-powered awesomeness.
Detail closeup of 100 year emblem Detail closeup of sights, bolt, breech, and trigger
Single-Shot, Variable Pump Pellet Rifle
$ 399.99
  1. Each 100 Year Edition 362 is part of a limited run of 2,023, only available through crosman.com while supplies last
  2. Special edition Turkish walnut stock, with embedded metal 100 Year badge
  3. Compact frame with steel breech, brass bolt and trigger
  4. Single shot, variable pump controlled velocities up to 850fps
  5. Fully adjustable rear sight
  6. Ideal for those tw-transitioning into small game hunting
Model C362-100YR.22 cal.850 fps
A century of air-powered awesomeness is quite a legacy – and Crosman has a Legacy for you, too.

The limited edition 100 Year Crosman Legacy 1000 features an all-weather synthetic stock with gold accents as a special 100th anniversary gift for us all. This is our most advanced single-shot, variable pump air rifle and it offers you next level power and performance. It features a built-in 850 BB reservoir, rifled steel barrel, fiber optic sight, and crossbolt safety.

As a celebratory bonus, every 100 Year Legacy 1000 comes with one of 10 special 100 Year pellet tins, each commemorating a decade of Crosman. The full set of commemorative tins are available only at crosman.com.
Variable Pump BB/Pellet Rifle
  1. Dual ammo (BB/.177 cal. pellet)
  2. BB velocity up to 850 fps
  3. Pellet velocity up to 1000 fps
  4. All-weather synthetic stock
  5. Fiber optic front sight
Model CLGY1000-100YR.177 cal.1000 fps
Celebrate the first century of Crosman in style with each of these commemorative pellet tins. Each gold reflective tin is decorated with an illustration that honors one of Crosman's 10 decades of air-powered radness. Each tin includes 250 Super Point .177 pellets — collect all ten limited-edition tins.
100Years of Air Power (10 Pack)
Special Edition Airgun Pellet Tins
  1. 10 different commemorative pellet tins — one for each decade of Crosman's air-powered radness
  2. Gold reflective tins contain 250 Super Point .177 pellets
  3. Each tin in the limited-edition set features a different decade-specific illustration
  4. Collect them all!
Model P100YR.177 cal.


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