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A tradition of non-tradition.

The Crosman Brothers, owners of a modest seed company in Rochester, New York, were approached by local inventor William McLean to produce pellets and an airgun based on McLean’s own design in exchange for half of the ownership in the patent.
In its world debut, the first pneumatic pump airgun was set to revolutionize “power without powder”. In just 3 to 10 pumps users could fill a reservoir that would pressurize each shot. It was an immediate success.
Due to its popularity, Frank Hahn purchased Crosman Rifle Company and renamed it Crosman Arms. His son, P.Y. Hahn, becomes the driving force of the company for the next fifty years.
Crosman innovations continued with a .22 cal magazine fed repeater that utilizes a swing-feed loading for faster shooting.
Crosman began a revolution in CO2-powered guns with the introduction of the models 150 and 157 single-shot pistols, and the first airgun powered by a pre-filled, one-time-use 12-gram CO2 cylinder – the Powerlet™.
The 760 Pumpmaster air rifle was introduced. This short stroke pneumatic pump rifle became the most enduring airgun model in history, with more than 16 million sold to date.
The Coleman Company, Inc. acquired Crosman, where they became increasingly well-known. Subsequently, Crosman's principal manufacturing facilities were moved to the current location in East Bloomfield, New York (about 30 miles south of Rochester).
In conjunction with the Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, Crosman gifted a competition-grade air rifle to President Bush in recognition of his service to the shooting sports.
Crosman creates the AIR-17, a replica of the government-issue M16. This single shot swinging forearm single pump pneumatic repeater with a pistol grip stock could shoot either .177 caliber pellets, or an endless amount of BBs thanks to a 195 round reservoir shaped like an ammo clip.
RepeatAir CO2 powered, semi-automatic pistol introduced.
Crosman acquires the Benjamin Sheridan Corporation, a dominant U.S. manufacturer of high-end pneumatic and CO2 powered airguns, and one of the world's foremost manufacturers of high quality paintball markers.
Crosman is acquired by an investment group with a renewed focus on market expansion, new product development and leveraging the company's core competencies of design, manufacturing, and distribution. This re-energizes Crosman's innovation team and sets-off to push air-power to new heights.
Always pushing marksmanship further, Crosman creates a new 88 gram “AirSource” CO2 canister capable of firing up to 200 shots.
The company expands its offering outside the traditional airgun category with the debut of its new division, CenterPoint Precision Optics.
Further diversifying their core air-gun offerings, Crosman adds Archery to its list of branded products, and introduces two new hunting crossbows in addition to youth archery products.
Crosman marks its first 90-years of shooting fun by introducing the uber-quiet, high-powered .177 TR77™ NPS featuring Nitro Piston® break barrel technology. The newly designed muzzle reduces shot noise by 70%, quicker locking time, and velocities of up to 1,200 fps.
Nitro Piston 2 is born. The split piston design with Tail Guides and Recoil Arrest pushes 30% more air, resulting in more speed and less recoil. A ten pound reduction in cocking force and new one-piece nylon fiber Baffling System made the Nitro Piston 2 one of Blue Book of Gun Values’ Ten Most Innovative Products of the Year.
This benchmark year in innovation saw 30% increase in shot count for the Marauder; a newly-styled Pumpmaster with valve increases to velocity which reduced pumping force up to 30%; a new CO2 semi-auto rifle, the Comrade AK, and the CO2 semi-auto Vigilante pistol with 10-shot clip that holds both BBs and pellets.
In the hunt for America’s best marksman, Crosman creates the National Field Target Series, a cumulative point series where AAFTA participants use Crosman or Benjamin rifles and pistols, and are rewarded for their performance. It’s a natural evolution of the company’s support of the sport of air-powered shooting.
In the pursuit of air-powered adventure, Crosman created a category of big game weaponry with the Pioneer Airbow capable of shooting full length, full weight arrows.
Crosman Corporation is an international designer, manufacturer and marketer of Crosman pellet and BB rifles and pistols, Copperhead ammunition, high quality Benjamin pellet rifles and ammunition, airsoft rifles and pistols, and precision optics. The company employs more than 300 people domestically, markets its products around the world and is seen as a leader in the airgun industry.

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The Rochester HQ has a century of our American-made rifles and pistols lining the halls to our factory. Preview the 100 years of Crosman heritage by swiping through this gallery.

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