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Crosman Air Guns: The Pinnacle of Air-Powered Awesomeness

You know what we love? Taking an air gun outside and having a blast — and that’s why we design air guns packed with features to make your shooting experience amazing. Whether you’re plinking cans, hunting varmints, or entering competitions, we have the air gun that’s perfect for you, featuring high-quality construction, innovative firing methods, sound-dampening operation, and all-around fantastic performance. Crosman air guns come in a wide range of diverse designs to make sure that you have an arsenal you can stay excited about. 

So what are you waiting for? Explore the air rifle or pistol that’s right for you and get shooting. Yeehaaaw!

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Crosman has been building innovative air guns for over 90 years. Our goal? To help you experience the joy of shooting. Beyond Crosman’s wide range of air guns, we also offer benefits like bundle offerings and free shipping on orders over $99 to make it easy for you to grow your arsenal and experience air-powered awesomeness.

Ready to begin your air gun journey or to explore new experiences? Bring on the fun with Crosman, and reach out to our customer service team if you have any questions!

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Air Pistols Designed for Sharpshooters

You’ve got to put in the hours if you’re going to become a better shot. Crosman has a wide variety of BB and pellet gun pistols to keep you shredding paper targets, teaching new shooters, sending spinners spinning, eliminating pests, and so much more — all for the joy of shooting.

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CM9B Mako (Remanufactured)
Out of Stock
CO₂ Powered, Semi Auto Blowback BB Air Pistol (Model: 9-CM9B)
$49.99 $72.99


Variable Pump, Single-Shot Air Pistol/Rifle Kit (Model: 2289CFKT)
SNR357 (Remanufactured)
Out of Stock
CO₂ Powered, Dual Ammo Full Metal Snub Nose Air Revolver (Model: 9-SNR357)
$79.99 $100.99
(Model: X-PFAM9B)
$89.99 $158.99
CO₂ Powered, Full Auto BB Air Pistol, Black (Model: CFAA4PX)
(Model: PFAM9B)
CO₂ Powered, Full Auto Blowback BB Air Pistol, Black (Model: CFAMP1L)
Crosman® 1720T Field Target Competition PCP Air Pistol (.177 caliber)
Out of Stock
PCP Powered, Bolt-Action, Single Shot Match Grade Competition Target Air Pistol (Model: 1720T)
PCP Powered, Bolt-Action, Single-Shot 10 Meter Target Air Pistol (Model: 1701P)
Benjamin® Marauder®  Woods Walker™ PCP Air Pistol with Realtree® APG  (.22 cal)
Out of Stock
PCP Powered, Multi-Shot Bolt Action Air Pistol in Realtree AP Camo (Model: BP2220-AP)
PCP Powered, Multi-Shot Bolt Action Air Pistol i (Model: BP2220) (Model: BP2220)
Variable Pump, Single-Shot Air Pistol (Model: P1322)
Variable Pump, Single-Shot Air Pistol with Shoulder Stock, Pistol Grips, Pellets and Shooting Glasses (Model: P1322KTE)
Variable Pump, Single-Shot Air Pistol (Model: P1377)
Variable Pump, Single-Shot Air Pistol (Model: P1377BR)
Nitro Piston Powered , Break Barrel Air Pistol (Model: PBN17) (Model: PBN17)
CO₂ Powered, Semi-Auto Dual Ammo Air Revolver, 3\" , 6\" and 8\" Barrel (Model: CR44TTKT)
CO₂ Powered, Bolt-Action Single Shot Air Pistol (Model: 2240)
CO₂ Powered, Bolt-Action Single Shot Target Air Pistol (Model: 2300S)
CO₂ Powered, Bolt-Action Single Shot Target Air Pistol (Model: 2300T)
CO₂ Powered, Semi-Auto BB Air Pistol (Model: 40001)
CO₂ Powered, Semi-Auto BB Air Pistol (Model: C11)
CO₂ Powered, Full Metal Air Revolver (Model: CRVL357S)
CO₂ Powered, Semi Auto Blowback BB Air Pistol with Internal Laser Sight (Model: PFM520)
CO₂ Powered, Dual Ammo Full Metal Snub Nose Air Revolver (Model: SNR357)
CO₂ Powered, Semi Auto BB Air Pistol w/ CO2, BBs and Shooting Glasses (Model: P10KT)
CO₂ Powered, Semi Auto Dual-Tone BB Air Pistol (Model: MK45)
CO₂ Powered, Semi Auto Blowback BB Air Pistol (Model: CM9B)
CO₂ Powered, Full Metal, Single Action Army Revolver (Model: RR1875)
CO₂ Powered, Semi-Auto Full Metal Compact BB Air Pistol (Model: PFM16)
CO₂ Powered, Dual Ammo Air Revolver (Model: CCP8B2)
Spring Powered, Single Shot 1911 Pistol with Sticky Target and BBs (Model: S1911KT)

Refined Designs for the Perfect Shot

We like having options, and we like making sure you have them too. That’s why Crosman uses a variety of innovative air compression technologies in our air pistols to provide you with your perfect shooting experience. Different powerplants include:


Pre-Charged Pneumatic (PCP)

Use a compressor to fill the built-in reservoir on these air guns with compressed air before you head out shooting. That means non-stop shooting fun for the duration of your charge. Pistols like our Crosman 1701P Silhouette™ use PCP technology

Variable Pump

Variable pump air guns have a built-in pump that allows you to fill your air guns’ reservoir on demand. You decide the power of your shot — more pumps equals more power. Control your shooting experience with a variable pump pistol such as the Crosman American Classic.

CO2 Power

We were the first to use CO2 cartridges to power air guns, and we’ve been refining CO2 powered air guns ever since. These tiny Powerlets™ provide enough pressure to fire pellets at blazing speeds without needing a compressor, a large air reservoir, or a built-in pump. Get started with our Crosman PFAM9B BB gun kit, which comes with the BBs and Powerlets™ you need to start shooting ASAP.


Why Choose Crosman?

We know a thing or two about air guns and shooting. For nearly a century, Crosman has been supplying air rifles, air pistols, and more to people who appreciate the simple joy of shooting. We’re not just experts — we’re industry leaders with a long history of producing quality air guns.

Looking to order a few things at once? We offer free shipping on orders over $99. If you have any questions, reach out to our team of experts.