Airgun General Questions

Where can I find information about my Benjamin air gun?

For information about specs, compatibility, maintenance, and more for your Benjamin air gun, go to our dedicated Benjamin Airguns FAQ page. You’ll find everything you need to know there.

Why am I unable to break my "crack barrel" (break barrel airgun)?

You’re likely trying to simply pull it down. Doing so may bend the barrel. Here is the proper method:

Brace the butt of the rifle high on your leg, slap the end of the barrel hard enough to open the breech, then pull down on the end of the barrel.

Are the airsoft batteries/chargers universal?

No, they are specific to each model.

When using the diopter sights ( G397T-011) on the challenger CH2009S, how much will the sights move per click of the knob?

When the front and rear sight are 27 inches apart, each click will give you ¼ MOA of adjustment. In other words, at 10 yards each click will move the point of impact of the pellet 0.025 of an inch.

The bolt handle moves sometimes when I shot my Discovery Rifle! If flops up a little, but does not open, is that normal?

Yes, this is normal.

This something we have heard about in the past.  It happens on some guns and not on others. There is nothing but gravity holding the handle down but as long as the bolt deoe not open, there is no malfunction. 

It is possible for the O-ring on the bolt nose to be missing and if this is the case, a replacement may be purchased from Customer Service.

What is the weight of the trigger pull on the 2260 and is it adjustable?

The weight is generally in the range of 3-4 pounds. The trigger is not adjustable.

What are the benefits or disadvantages of installing a hammer spring power adjuster on a 2400KT?

The 2400KT is not equipped with a hammer spring adjuster and we do not sell one for this gun.

Generally speaking, a "hammer spring adjuster", like the one that comes on the 2300S, allows for slight adjustment of velocity. Its main function is to fine tune the usage of CO2 for a longer "flat curve".

We do not recommend customers modify or disassemble their guns, other than what is described in the manual. An exception would be the steel breech kit which comes with instructions.

How can I adjust the trigger down to one pound like it states in the manual for the 2300T/2300S?

The manual states "Your air pistol is designed with an adjustment to change the trigger pull from 1 to 4 lbs. " Unfortunately the language is misleading. Most, if not all guns will not be able to go down to one pound. The manual should state between 1 to 4 lbs. I think 2.5 pounds is the most realistic number.

*Note: This will be corrected in the manual when it is updated.

Are air rifles loud?

Yes, they can be especially when non-lead pellets are used, it will break the sound barrier, resulting in a loud crack.

Can I store my air gun with CO2 cartridge?

It is not recommended you leave CO2 cartridges in you air gun as it can ruin the seals. It is not safe, you should also check to ensure no pellets or bb’s are in the chamber.

How do I make sure my air gun is completely empty?

To be sure your air gun is empty, use a cleaning rod to ensure no pellets or bb’s are lodged in the barrel.

How do I dispose of used/empty CO2 powerlets? Are they recyclable?

An empty CO2 cartridge is recyclable like any other scrap metal.  It can also be disposed of as you would any other empty container in the household trash or landfill.

Review and follow the warnings on the product:

  • WARNING : 12 gram CO2 under pressure.
  • Do not mutilate or incinerate.
  • Do not expose to heat or store above 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Keep CO2 cartridges away from children.
  • Not for human consumption.
Is RMCOIL 100% silicone?

The product we sell as RMCOIL is made 100% from a Dow Corning product that is in the family of chemicals called Silicone. We can provide a safety data sheet if requested for this material. In it you will see they list the “Substance name” as “Dimethyl, phenylmethyl siloxane, trimethyl-terminated”.

Will the Nitro Piston (Gen 1) fit a TR77 (model #30001) spring rifle?

Technically yes, but other parts would also have to be changes and Crosman only provides information (EVP’s) on the parts needed to repair a gun to original configurations.

We do not recommend modifying your gun and specifically warn against it in the manual.

I would recommend adding a new Benjamin Trail NP2 Synthetic in .22 Caliber, (Model: BTN292SX) to your gun rack.  The TR77 is a very nice rifle , but if you want (or need) more power and a smother shooting gun, the NP2 is the way to go.

Is 66 barrel rifled?

The 66-0361 Barrel is currently rifled with a 10 grooves, Right Hand twist, 1 in 16 inches.

This barrel is used on the 66GTW and the 66GTBBK ( as well as the Torrent 525 series of guns).

Traditionally all older 66 guns were rifled as well.

Will the 1399 shoulder stock work on the 1720T pistol?

Yes. The 1399 shoulder stock is compatible with a number of our products including:

  • Benjamin Marauder Pistol (BP2220)
  • Benjamin Woods Walker (BP2220-AP)
  • 2240
  • 2250XE
  • etc. etc. etc.
How do I dispose of an unused CO2 powerlet?

If for some reason you need to dispose of a unused CO2 powerlet/cartridge you first need to pierce the bottle to empty the co2 pressure.  The best way I have found is to use a CO2 pistol like the Crosman 357.

Review and follow  all the warnings on the product:

  • WARNING : 12 gram CO2 under pressure.
  • Do not mutilate or incinerate.
  • Do not expose to heat or store above 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Keep CO2 cartages away from Children.
  • Not for human consumption.
Is the FAH004 adaptor compatible with a SCBA tank?

No. The FAH004 is a DIN adaptor and is not compatible with an SCBA tank (also known as a fireman’s tank).

We do not have an adaptor for an SCBA (self contained breathing apparatus) tank.

What is the energy in Joules on a 2260?

Short Answer

14 Joules             

Long Answer

The 2260 is advertised as shooting “up to 600 fps”.  So it probably shoots in the range of 550 – 590 fps using the Crosman 14.3 grain pellets.

If you plug those numbers into the attached “Vel_Energy.xls” spreadsheet you get  between 13 – 15 Joules. 

Will the new Nitro Piston 2 gas spring fit a TR77 (model #30001) spring rifle?

No it will not, the new NP2 has a different piston and compression tube diameter.

How adjustable is the trigger on the Nitro Piston 2 rifles?

The CBT trigger is adjustable for the second stage feel. You can remove the presence of the second stage fee or you can adjust it so that there is little or no "creep" in the second stage as it lets off.

The bolt handle moves sometimes when I shoot my Discovery air rifle! It flops up a little, but does not open. Is that normal?

Short Answer:


Long Answer:

This is something we have heard about in the past. It happens on some guns and not others. There is nothing but gravity holding the handle down. As long as the bolt does not open, there is nothing technically wrong with the gun. Make sure there is an O-ring on the bolt nose. If the O-ring is missing please contact  Crosman Customer Service.

What’s the deal with your shipping policy?

If we don’t ship to your zip code, there’s usually a very good reason for it. Some areas have local restrictions or regulations that prevent us from shipping directly to your door and in most cases, this can be solved by providing us with the address of a local Federal Firearms License holder (FFL) to receive your airgun.


For crosman.com orders we do not ship outside the United States. Sorry. We’d love to but....it’s complicated. Please order from your local dealer because they will know exactly what is legal to own in your country.

Airgun Ammunition Questions

What is the best ammo for my airgun?

In most instances, Crosman Premiere domed ammunition will be your best bet. It’s always a good idea to try a variety in order to determine what your gun shoots best.

Can I re-use my pellets or bb’s?

No pellets and bb’s are designed to be used only once.

Do you recommend cleaning pellets and if so, how?

We do not recommend cleaning of our pellets. While we have heard of shooters doing this, we know of no big improvement from cleaning.

Airgun and Airbow Service, Repair and Parts

Why is my [PRODUCT NAME] not working?!

This is a troubleshooting issue so please contact us directly at 800-7AIRGUN.

Can I order parts from the Custom Shop?

The only parts/accessories that can be ordered from our Custom Shop are listed on our Accessories page. The barrels and other pieces not shown are only available when purchasing a Custom Gun. 

How do I order parts online?

We do not currently offer the ability to order parts online. Parts may only be ordered by contacting Customer Service at 800-7AIRGUN (724-7486).

You must know the part number you need.  CLICK HERE for parts diagrams.

Who can help fix my airgun?

Crosman’s Service Centers are the go-to resources for repairs and service on your Crosman, Benjamin and Sheridan airguns. With locations across the U.S., these stations are trained experts on the latest products from Crosman and can provide full service or parts for the do-it-yoursefer.


Where can I have my [PRODUCT NAME] repaired?

If it’s a current product, we can do it along with any of our certified Service Centers. If it’s an out-of-production model, we recommend checking the service centers.

Where can I get parts or service for my airsoft gun?

A variety of sources are available online for replacement and upgraded parts. These sources are ready and willing to help you learn what is compatible with your particular rifle or pistol.

You may have a local facility for airsoft repair and not even know it. These folks may also be able to provide parts assistance as well.

To find a parts or service dealer, simply search online for "airsoft parts" or "airsoft service or repair".

I have a 2014 Marauder and the stock has a small scratch. What could I use to repair this scratch?

The Marauder finish speciation is a “catalyzed lacquer”. We do not recommend a specific Manufacture or Product. We also cannot give any instruction or guidance on how to perform such a repair.

What is the thread specification, size or pitch on [PART #]?

The specifications on our technical drawings is proprietary information and we do not give it out.

How do I get parts to modify my air gun?

We do not sell parts for modifications or suggest modifying our products. Note: Modifications made during the warranty period will void the warranty.

Where can I get an EVP or OM for my air gun?

Download from our website or call 800-724-7486.

I live in Canada, how do I get my air gun repaired?

Contact The Gravel Agency for information – 866-662-4869.

What does part number 2300-037 in the 2300-122 valve assembly for the 2300S do?

The spacer (2300-037) helps regulate the gun’s velocity to give the longer shot string desired for silhouette shooting.

Crosman doesn’t have a parts list for model #32040, the Benjamin NPS (.177). How can I find the part numbers?

This gun is essentially the same as the RNP77 Remington Nitro Piston which also covers RNP22, ELS77, ELS22 and their "6-" and "8-" variations.

I sell parts for obsoleted guns. Can I get drawings for the old [PRODUCT/PART]?

Sorry, we don’t give out information like our drawings, even if they have been obsoleted for 30 years or more.

Can I replace the old part #1763-107 with the new valve body #1764-002?

No, new and old parts can not be mixed and matched. If you need an old part (like the -107 valve body) and it is no longer available, you’ll need to buy a whole new assembly.

I can’t find an EVP for the Vantage NP (model #30021).

Internally, the Nitro Venom (model #CVW1K77NP) is the same gun. The big differences are all external, such as the stock, scope, picatinny rail, compression tube, barrel and lack of iron sight. But its EVP can be used to determine seals and piston parts.

Airgun Maintenance

What other types of oil can I use in my airgun?

We only recommend our Pellgun and RMCOIL products for maintaining our airguns - they have been proven through the test of time. There is no "off the shelf" equivalent.

How do you recommend I clean the barrel on my airgun and how often?

You generally do not clean an airgun barrel.  One initial cleaning when the gun is brand new, may be all you ever need.  It is better to under clean, than over clean. Depending on your equipment you can damage the rifling or more important the Crown (the very end of the rifling, as you exit the barrel).   

The only reason to clean a barrel is if you feel the accuracy has been reduced from what is normally expected.

Do not use an uncoated steel rod or steel brushes inside a steel barrel, a brass rod is fine.  If it is a Brass Benjamin or Sheridan, use a plastic "pull though" fishing line or use a wooden rod to push a patch through.   A one-piece aluminum cleaning rod may also work.  There is even less reason to clean a Benjamin, just leave it alone.

Use only clean dry "cleaning patch" of the proper size.

All of our PCP guns that have a Magazine have an internal O-ring in the barrel; care must be taken to not damage this 0-ring.  We suggest using only a" pull though" type and start at the muzzle end.  Only use a dry patch. 

What not to use:  Do not use any firearms gun cleaning solvents.  Do not use silicone oil.

Some have reported good results using Ballistol or Simple Green as a cleaner.  We have not tested this on all our guns so we are hesitant to recommend it. It’s best to stick with the dry patch.

How do you recommend I clean the barrel on my BB gun and how often?

Short Answer

There is no compelling reason to clean the barrel, so don’t. 

Long Answer

Because airguns operate with a blast of air, most small particles of residue are blown out of the barrel as the airgun is fired. Occasionally, the bore should be swabbed out with a clean, dry patch. I use no solvents on airgun bores because of the danger of the solvent getting into the valves. The valve seats are usually made of some sort of plastic or rubbery material that can be damaged by cleaning solvents. Just push a dry patch through the bore a couple of times to remove any small particles of lead or other material. Do not allow any gun cleaning solvent to enter the pump mechanism or cylinder compartment of an air or CO2 gun. 

Really Long Answer for the self-proclaimed expert, that won’t accept the good advice in the first two answers

Here is some more specific advice: 

You generally do not clean an airgun barrel.  One initial cleaning when the gun is brand new, may be all you ever need.  It is better to under clean, than over clean.  Depending on your equipment you can damage the rifling or more important the Crown (the very end of the rifling, as you exit the barrel).  

The only reason to clean a barrel is if you feel the accuracy has been reduced from what is normally expected.

Do not use an uncoated steel rod or steel brushes in inside of a steel barrel, a brass rod is OK.  If it is a Brass Benjamin or Sheridan, some type of plastic “pull though” fishing line or use a wooden rod to push a patch through.   A one piece aluminum cleaning rod may also work.  There is even less reason to clean a Benjamin, just leave it alone.

Use only a clean, dry “cleaning patch” of the proper size.

All of our PCP guns that have a magazine have an internal O-ring in the barrel;  Care must be taken to not damage this 0-ring.  I only use a” pull though” type and start at the muzzle end.  Only use a dry patch.

What not to use:  Do not use any firearms gun cleaning solvents.  Do not use Silicon oil.

Some have reported good results using Ballistol or Simple Green as a cleaner.  I have not tested this on all our guns so I am hesitant to recommend it, best to stick with the dry patch.

What is the difference between petroleum distillate and petroleum based oil?

Short Answer

"Petroleum based oil" is a general term that usually refers to non-synthetic oils used for lubricating something. An example is motor oil that you put in your car’s engine.

"Petroleum distillate" is generally a more flammable product that is use as a solvent. An example is the gasoline you put in your car’s gas tank.

Long Answer

Crosman Pellgun oil is basically a high grade of 30 weight, non-detergent motor oil. The key is the "non-detergent" part, because additives that are put in most motor oils to keep the engine clean, will corrode the seals in the gun.

Petroleum - As a technical term, petroleum encompasses the liquid (crude oil), gaseous (natural gas), and viscous or solid (bitumen, asphalt) forms of hydrocarbons that occur in the Earth, but the meaning is often restricted to the liquid oil form.

So the Pellgun oil is a Petroleum based product, because it is a lubricating oil.

The term "Petroleum distillate" could cover a lot of products. Petroleum distillate products include jet fuel, diesel oil, light fuel oil, lubricating oils, motor oils, heavy fuel oils, tars, and asphalt. As well as others that are solvents like mineral spirits, kerosene, white spirits. Most products that come for petroleum are manufactured by a distillation process, which is what the term Distillate means.

Distillate is more commonly used as an abbreviated form of middle distillate.

Middle distillates generally refer to petroleum products in the boiling range beginning at above 160 degC and ending at below 420 deg C -- i.e., between gasoline and heavy fuel oil. These include gas oil, diesel and jet fuel (kerosene).

So if a product has the warning "Contains Petroleum distillate" that is red flag that is should not be used in our air guns.

I want to refinish or touch up my airgun stock. Can Crosman tell me what stain or finish they use?

In most cases the products we, or our vendors, use is proprietary and we do not reveal our processes.  The products are industrial grade and not normally available to consumers in standard outlets, like paint or home improvement stores. 

The best option may be send the stock to a professional gun stock, furniture or cabinet maker. If you prefer to do it yourself, you’ll be best off to strip the finish entirely and start from scratch.

I would like to paint my Nitro Piston 2 synthetic stock. What material is it made of?

The stock is made from a polypropylene-based material. We do not recommend painting it, as it can be difficult to get paint to properly adhere to it.

What size Allen wrench is needed to adjust the sights on the 1088 pistol?

0.050" which is the smallest one in a common set of SAE (English) Hex Key Set.

Benjamin Marauder Questions

We repaired a Marauder (.25 cal) for a person 3 to 4 months ago. The airgun was leaking and the problem was that the 1763-104 was badly pitted. We replaced the part and it held. The person has sent th

I don’t think anything is wrong with the gauge port assembly, it is doing exactly what we want when someone is pumping water into the gun.   We have seen a couple of these units rust and it is more to do with the hand pump and how and where it is used.   

The best solution is to steer this customer to a Compressed air tank set up.   If they had this issue in just three months of use, they must be using it multiple times per day, every day.     

One thing to recommend is the user take a break after 50 pumps to let the pump cool down.  Also operate the pump slow and steady when pumping. The hotter it gets, the more moisture it will generate. When bleeding the hand pump, they should open the valve screw rapidly, so that the moisture will be blown out of the base.

Any pump on the market will pull moisture from the air if it is hot and humid. One way to relieve this is to use the hand pump in an air conditioned area.

This being a .25 Caliber gun isn’t helping things, as you get fewer shots per fill. 

I still think the hand pump is one of the better solution for filling a gun.  We have sold a lot of pumps and the majority of the users have not had this issue.  In some cases like this a Scuba or HPA tank may be better suited as the primary means of filling the gun, and keep the hand pump as a back-up.

Can the baffles of the 2014 Marauder be used in the older model?

Yes the new baffles could be used, but all the old baffles would need to be replaced by a new set, plus replace the old O-ring with the new spring.

I’m getting a puff of air out of the pressure tube cap in my Marauder when I shoot. I’ve replaced the O-ring but that did not take care of the problem. What gives?

Replacing a missing O-ring in the breech end of the barrel is the common fix for a "puff of air" when the gun is shot. If the operator fires a Marauder without the bolt being closed, this O-ring can be forced out. Since this did not fix the gun, it needs to be repaired by a Service Station or returned to Crosman. All other repairs that may fix this issue will require disassembly of the gun and unfortunately is not something that can be explained over the phone.

Where to Buy Questions

Where can I purchase clips or magazines for my airsoft gun?

You may order direct from us by calling 800-7AIRGUN.

What stores carry Pellgun oil or RMCOIL in my area?

If you’re having a hard time finding Pellgun or RMCOIL at your local sporting goods store, try an online search for it. Many online dealers offer it and we always have it right here on crosman.com.

Where to buy [PRODUCT NAME]?

Crosman and its family of products are available in sporting goods stores and retailers across the country and we distribute to nearly 70 countries worldwide. Our products are also a click away from numerous online dealers.


Where can I find Moly Graphite Grease for my PCP?

Check your local hardware store or auto supply store.


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