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Crosman is dedicated to the thrill of shooting. That’s why we design full-auto BB guns that are perfect for shredding targets, perforating tin cans, and having a backyard blast. We stock both BB pistols and BB rifles all powered by Powerlet™ CO2 cartridges, so if you’re looking for a high-powered BB gun, we have the one that’s right for you. Find your perfect fit with Crosman today!

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(Model: DSBRX)
CO₂ Powered, Full Auto BB Air Rifle with Modular Stock (Model: CFAST1X)
$149.99 $198.00
(Model: X-CFAA4PX)
$99.99 $235.99
CO₂ Powered, Full Auto BB Air Rifle in collaboration with the Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation (Model: CFAR1FP)
$89.99 $218.99
Crosman® Full Auto AK1 (BB)
Out of Stock
(Model: CAK1)
(Model: PFAM9B)
CO₂ Powered, Full Auto BB Air Pistol, Black (Model: CFAA4PX)
$79.99 $235.99
Crosman Full Auto R1 BB
Out of Stock
CO₂ Powered, Full Auto BB Air Rifle with Red Dot , Flat Dark Earth (Model: CFAR1X)
Crosman® Full Auto P1 (BB)
Out of Stock
CO₂ Powered, Full Auto Blowback BB Air Pistol, Black (Model: CFAMP1L)
CO₂ Powered, Full-Auto BB Air Rifle, Black (Model: DSBR)
DPMS™ SBR CO₂ BB Air Rifle with Dual Action Capability (Model: 9-DSBR)
Out of Stock
(Model: DSBRFDE)
CO₂ Powered, Full-Auto BB Air Rifle with Red Dot, Black (Model: BMPWX)
Bushmaster MPW with Red Dot (Remanufactured)
Out of Stock
CO₂ Powered, Full-Auto BB Air Rifle with Red Dot (Model: 9-BMPWX)
$199.99 $250.99
Quick Reloading Magazine with BB Reservoir (Model: CFAHCM)
25 Round Spare Magazine For Crosman Full Auto AK1 (Model: CAKFAM)
4.5mm, 1500 Count, Copper Coated, Precision Steel BB (Model: 0737)
4.5mm, 2500 Count, Copper Coated, Precision Steel BB (Model: 0747)
4.5mm, 6000 Count, Copper Coated, Precision Steel BB (Model: 0767)
5 Count, 12 Gram (Model: 231B)
15 Count, 12 Gram (Model: C2315)
25 Count, 12 Gram (Model: 2311)
40 Count, 12 Gram (Model: 23140)
500 Count, 12 gram (Model: 2318)

Full-Auto Action Done Your Way

Fully automatic BB guns take air power to the next level. When you pull the trigger, pressurized CO2 is released into the chamber, continuously firing the BBs. It’s minimal effort for maximum enjoyment.

Our collection of full-auto BB guns is stocked with a variety of air guns with intense power, adjustable grips, and tactical styling that are timeless. But CO2-powered BB guns aren’t all we offer. We also offer a wide range of accessories, replacement parts, and ammo. Check out what’s in our collection:

BB Pistols

Looking for a small package with a lot of power? Our full-auto BB pistols are made for the thrill of one-handed shooting. But these aren’t just about power. With a high-powered BB gun like our Crosman® Full Auto P1, you get a built-in accessory rail and a removable laser sight for expandability.



BB Rifles

For those who want a bit more heft, we’ve designed a range of full-auto BB guns modeled after famous automatic firearms. In addition to their iconic designs and realistic weight, these full-auto BB guns are all compatible with standard Picatinny rail accessories (like scopes and sights). Each of our products carry other defining features, like adjustable stocks, pistol grip compatibility, and AR-compatible buffer tubes. For a fully-featured automatic BB gun that includes all of the above, get the Crosman Full Auto R1.



Restock the ammo you need to keep your shooting experience going. We offer EZ-pour packs of our copper-coated Crosman Copperhead BBs in a variety of quantities, from 1500 count to 6000 count.


The backbone of our full-auto BB guns, these tiny 12 gram cartridges contain pressurized CO2 that launches your BBs at blistering speeds. Some of our BB guns, like the Crosman Dual Auto A4-P, use two cartridges at the same time for extra longevity and power. We offer a variety of Powerlet™ packs for you, from 5 count all the way to 500 count.

Extra Magazines

If the included magazine isn’t enough for you, don’t worry: we make upgraded versions, like our Crosman QR-Mag and Crosman Full Auto AK1 Magazine, to make your full-auto experience as non-stop as possible.

Dedicated to Customer Satisfaction

With nearly a century of experience crafting air guns, Crosman is passionate about making sure our customers get to experience the simple joy of shooting. That’s why we’re happy to offer free shipping on orders over $99 — so that you can get to blasting targets and hunting pests as easily as possible.

Have any questions? Reach out to our experts. We’ll get you the help you need.