Crosman QR-Mag (BB)

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Quick Reloading Magazine with BB Reservoir

  • Crosman QR-Mag (BB) right view
  • Crosman QR-Mag (BB) left view
  • Crosman QR-Mag (BB) left view straight
  • Crosman QR-Mag (BB) open empty
  • Crosman QR-Mag (BB) open loaded
  • Crosman QR-Mag (BB) with gun faded

The Crosman QR Magazine cuts down on the time you spend reloading! This quick reload magazine has a 300 round reservoir and features an integrated speed loader mechanism that reloads in seconds. It is compatible with the Crosman, DPMS, and Bushmaster full-auto AR series.

  • Reservoir Holds 300 Rounds
  • Spring Feeds 25 BBs for Rapid-Fire Action
  • Integrated Speed Loader Mechanism Reloads in Seconds
  • Holds Two Powerlets CO₂ Cartridges
  • Compatible with Crosman, DPMS and Bushmaster full-auto AR series

Airpower Must Haves

The ammunition and accessories below are recommended for the Crosman QR-Mag (BB).

Crosman QR-Mag (BB)