Air Gun Targets

Perfect Your Craft With Air Gun and BB Gun Targets

Regardless of whether you’re a plinker or a hunter, practice makes perfect. Crosman offers a wide range of BB and pellet gun targets to ensure you can perfect your shots over time and get the most out of your air gun experience, no matter what you use your air gun for. Order targets for your air rifles and pistols from Crosman.

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Squirrel Shaped Resetting Target (Model: CSRT)
20 Count, 9.75-Inch x 9.00-Inch Paper Targets (Model: 0496PDQ)
All Metal Spinning Target for use with .177 and .22 Caliber Lead Pellets (Model: CSLT)
100 Count, 10 Meter Rifle Target (Model: CHTARGET)
2 Pack of All Metal Spinning Targets (Model: CS2LT)
Four 4-Inch, One 3-Inch and Two 2-Inch Splatter Targets (Model: VITC5PK)
Visible Impact .22LR Dueling Tree Target
Out of Stock
Dueling Tree Target Rimfire Version (Model: VI22LRDT)
Crosman® Dueling Tree Target
Out of Stock
Dueling Tree Target (Model: CDTT)
Collapses Flat For Easy Storage, Includes 12 Paper Targets (Model: 0853)
8-Inch x 8-Inch, Foam Block Target (Model: CAVTB)
20 Count, 9.75-Inch x 9.00-Inch Paper Targets (Model: CPVT5)
3 Count, Weather Resistant Targets for use with Airguns or Firearms (Model: T14R-P)

Set Your Sights on Fun

Looking for air gun or BB gun targets to help you become a real sharpshooter? Crosman keeps a diverse selection of targets in stock, all with fun designs and made of high-quality materials. These provide air gun enthusiasts like you with all the tools you need to hone your craft and master your air gun of choice. 

Don’t know what you’re looking for? From simple paper targets to reactive targets, we make it easy to get the most out of your shooting experience. Our target options include:


Basic Paper Targets

The simplest products are often the best. Basic paper targets for air guns and BB guns make it easy for you to see just how accurate you are with the holes left behind by each of your shots. Simply set them up on a flat surface or in a frame and start shooting. Bring on the fun with products like Crosman Varmint Targets.

Reusable and Resettable Targets

Don’t feel restricted to disposable targets for your air gun activities. Crosman offers a wide range of reusable and resettable pellet gun targets to help you hone your craft. These air rifle targets make it easy for you to perfect your shots without having to frequently replace your targets. Start here with products like the Crosman Spinning Target.

Reactive Targets

Want to see the moment of impact when you take your shot? Crosman has you covered with reactive targets. Reactive targets splatter when hit, so you know without a doubt that you hit your target — and it’s absolutely satisfying when you do. For one great option, you can try a Crosman product like the Visible Impact Target.

Make Every Shot Count With Crosman

Crosman has been dedicated to crafting a stellar air gun experience for enthusiasts and those curious to discover the joy of shooting for themselves for over 90 years. We offer a wide range of air guns, air gun accessories (like BB gun targets), and perks like bundle offerings and free shipping on orders over $99. 

No matter whether you’re an expert or new to air guns altogether, Crosman is here to help you make the most out of your air gun journey. Bring on the fun or reach out to our customer service team if you have any questions.