Take Your Aim With Air Gun Optics

Whether you’re plinking or hunting, every shot counts. Fortunately, there’s a wide range of scopes and sights for air rifles and more, as well as accessories like covers and mounts, to help you get that perfect shot every time, no matter what. Improve your accuracy with the support of high-quality CenterPoint air gun optics and accessories available here at Crosman.

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Works With Any Scope, Any Brand, Any Gun, 2 Sizes Included 32-50mm Objective (Model: 74854)
Crosman Class 2 Red Laser
Out of Stock
Compact, Low Profile Class 2 Red Laser Sight w/ Integrated Picatinny Mount (Model: 71599)
Shotgun, Muzzleloader Riflescope - Tag Series Reticle W/ Illumination (Model: LR273RG2)
8x42 Laser Rangefinding Binoculars (Model: RFB842)
$299.99 $699.99
10-20x50mm Spotting Scope With Tripod and Carry Case (Model: CPSPTS)
High Performance Riflescope - Precision Lock Turrets & Side Focus Adjustment (Model: LR312SFT2)
Shotgun, Muzzleloader Riflescope - Precision Lock Turrets (Model: LR156SFT2)
Long Range Riflescope - First Focal Plane Reticle & Side Focus Adjustment (Model: LR394FFPS1)
CenterPoint 4-12x44mm FFP Riflescope
Out of Stock
Long Range Riflescope - First Focal Plane Reticle & Side Focus Adjustment (Model: LR412FFPS1) (Model: LR412FFPS1)
$90.00 $199.99
Adjustable Objective Riflescope - Tag Series Reticle W/ Illumination (Model: LR620AORG2)
Hunting Riflescope - Mil-Dot Reticle W/ Illumination (Model: LR392RG2)
CenterPoint 3-9x50mm TAG Riflescope
Out of Stock
Wide Angle Field of view Riflescope - TAG Series Reticle (Model: LR3952) (Model: LR3952)
High Performance Riflescope - Tag Series Reticle W/ Illumination (Model: LR394RG2)
Ultra Versatile Cqb Scope - Red & Green Illumination, Fits Picatinny Mount (Model: 72002)
Two Piece, Medium Profile Rings, Fits Scopes With 1” Tube (Model: CPM2PA-25M)
Adjustable Objective Riflescope - Tag Series Reticle W/ Illumination (Model: LR416AORG2)
One Piece, High Profile Mount, Fits Scopes With 1” Tube (Model: CPM1PA-25H)
One Piece, Medium Profile Mount, Fits Scopes With 1” Tube (Model: CPM1PA-25M)
One Piece, Off-Set Profile Mount, Fits Scopes With 1” Tube (Model: CPM1PA-25OF)
Large Objective, Roof Prism, Compact Binocular (Model: 73054)
1x30mm Enclosed Reflex Sight - 3 Moa Red Dot, Fits Picatinny Mounts (Model: 72607)
30mm Sight - Red & Green Illumination, Fits Picatinny Mounts (Model: 72601)
32mm Sight - Red & Green Illumination, 4 Reticle Patterns, Fits Picatinny Mounts (Model: 70301)

Keep Fun in Your Crosshairs

Eliminate the guesswork when you use your air gun. Crosman offers an extensive selection of CenterPoint optics to help you get more accurate shots when you’re hunting small varmints or seeking to beat out friends or the competition while plinking or taking part in air gun contests. Diverse designs and shockproof, waterproof optics with other in-demand features set CenterPoint apart from the rest. 

Ready to take aim and get more accurate shots? You can easily find the right air gun optics for your needs with Crosman. Discover products like:


Air Rifle Sights (Reflex, Laser, and Beyond)

From tactical shooting to hunting, sights are an invaluable accessory to have on your air gun. sights are durable pieces that allow you to take aim quickly so you can hit your target with ease, offering benefits like adjustable brightness and multiple reticle options. Make every shot count with CenterPoint air gun optics like the Centerpoint Open Reflex Sight.

Sharpshooting Accessories

Having the right accessories in addition to your optics is critical. From covers to mounts, you’ll find that Crosman has everything you need to secure your optics and offer a seamless, fun shooting experience. Start your journey with pieces like the Centerpoint Dovetail Mount at Crosman.

Centerpoint Rifle Scopes

Need support for long-range shots? Crosman has you covered. Our Centerpoint optics help you lock onto your targets with features like duplex reticles, a lens coating that reduces glare but lets in more light, and tool-free operation. Discover stellar products like the CenterPoint 4x32 Riflescope for your air gun activities.

Discover the Joy of Shooting with Crosman

Crosman has been creating innovative new experiences and helping new enthusiasts discover the joy of shooting since 1923. Our wide range of air guns, air gun accessories like air gun optics, and air gun ammo comes with the benefits of shopping with Crosman including bundle offerings and free shipping on orders over $99. 

Set your sights on fun and find your target with Crosman. Reach out to our customer service team if you have any questions about our optics or other products in our store.