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Benjamin Recharge

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Benjamin Recharge

High Pressure Air Compressor (Model: BHPAC)

  • Benjamin Recharge Compressor
Model: BHPAC

With Benjamin's Recharge high-pressure air compressor, you’ll have all the air you need at your fingertips, whether to recharge an airgun directly or fill up a tank or two to use in the field. Using a standard U.S. 3-prong plug for 110v outlets, the Recharge is ready to do just that right out of the box in the convenience of your own home or wherever your airgunning travels take you. There’s no need to worry about overfilling and damaging your valuable airguns. Its built-in automatic shutoff function stops the compressor at a set pressure. It also shuts off automatically after 30 minutes of runtime and it features a safety burst disc to prevent dangerous excess pressure. It is air and water-cooled, reaches a maximum fill pressure of 4,500 psi, and is for airguns, paintball cylinders, and tanks up to 6.8 liters.

  • Max fill 4500 psi, for airgun/ paintball cylinders and tanks only (less than 6.8L)
  • 110V with standard US 3 prong plug
  • Automatic pressure shut off, stops at set pressure and automatic shut off after 30 minutes of continuous run time
  • Air and water cooled with safety bust disc
  • Female quick disconnect fitting on end of hose
  • Total weight of 44 pounds
  • Fills a Discovery/ Maximus 0 – 2,000psi in 45 seconds
  • Fills a Armada/ Marauder 0 – 3,000psi in 1 minute and 40 seconds
  • Fills a 90 cubic inch buddy bottle 0 - 4,500psi in 14 minutes
  • Fills a CHCAT tank 0 -3,000psi in 1 hour and 5 min

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Benjamin Recharge