Affiliate Program

Aiming to make money with your website? Join our Affiliate Program!

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For every customer you direct from your website and makes a purchase on, you earn a commission. One more thing: it’s free to join.

Crosman has partnered with the eBay Enterprise Affiliate Network to provide you the best tools for making money selling Crosman products. Read the FAQs below for more. Sign up here


How do I earn commissions with

Every time a visitor to your site clicks on a Crosman banner or text link, they are redirected to If they make a purchase, a percentage will come back to you.

How much money will I earn?

Crosman’s revenue sharing percentage ranges from 8% - 12% based on the revenue you generate.

How to apply?

Simply click here and complete a simple form. Submit and wait for your acceptance notice into our program. We typically review applicants the day they are submitted.

What is the eBay Enterprise Affiliate Network?

eBay Enterprise Affiliate Network is a trusted leader among affiliate service management groups. Formerly known as Pepperjam, eEAN ensures your earning reports are accurate and provides a variety of sales reports for monitoring your program. We have created custom banners and text links to help you drive traffic along with exclusive sales coupons.

Example Banners(many different sizes available)